Denied (Perm) - Chuck Bartowski - Ban Appeal

  1. Chuck Bartowski (Arma Name)

  2. Steam Community :: Free_Palestine

  3. "You were kicked off the game.(BattleEye: Admin Ban (Perm Banned))

  4. The Ban message does not dislplay the name of the admin who issued it.

  5. I believe it was around febuary of 2019.

  6. Nak Altis

Your ban appeal is under review. We will get back to you with a decision shortly.

Prior appeal:

SteamID: 76561198065589642

A review was completed and took into account your actions on the server and the prior ban appeal. Without outlining all of the issues involved in each ban, they covered topics including Wasting server assets, Team killing, Griefing / Harassing and inappropriate user names. An excessive amount of admin time has been dedicated to the issues that were reported and those issues have negatively affected the server and numerous players. Although I do appreciate the civil manner in which you proposed this ban appeal, removing it would unfortunately not be beneficial to the servers or the NAK community. The ban will remain in effect.

That is quite unfortunate. Is there a chance for a appeal in the future?

Unfortunately, there was too much damage done and we will not be accommodating an appeal in the future. I wish you success in finding another server where you fit in and where you feel comfortable playing.