Denied (Perm) - FEEL - Ban Appeal - respest to the nak squad

2.Steam Community :: cylarr_heroes
3.BattleEye:Admin Kick (banned rule #11 for perm-expires Perm. Entered by Golden. ALL)
4.ı am very pleased and enyoyed to playing Nak squad.I have been playing thıs server for a long time.But ı dont know speak english very well an so ı couldnt use team speak. when ı enter the game ı often want to be a pılot and ı hadnt any caution or ı dont remember.Admin banned me #11 . I searched this and now ı want more carefully if you permisson to me cause ı really understand this rules.please forgive me
give me a chance once ı wiil not break a rule again now ı have playing this game professionaly. because nak squad always the best
sincerely from other country

From 07/09/2018 until 09/03/2018 you accumulated 2 team killing / trolling bans and these are what concern me the most but I’ll get to that. On 09/03/2018 you had a 1 day rule #11 ban.

From 11/04/2018 to 11/21/2018 you accumulated 3 ADDITIONAL rule #11 (Flying not in TS) bans.

You receive two warnings in chat every single time before a kick or ban for rule #11. You ignore those warnings and kicks every single time because when you were kicked for flying not in teamspeak you immediately come back in and start flying again. When you are banned you immediately come back in and start flying again not in teamspeak.

Ex. You came back from a 3 day ban within hours and immediately started flying again not in teamspeak.
Banned 11/04/2018 4:51 PM to 11/07/2018 4:51 PM for 3 days for rule #11
Banned 11/07/2018 8:37 PM to 11/14/2018 8:37 PM for 7 days for rule #11

Final ban for rule #11 11/21/2018.

Part 2: Trolling

1st ban - 14 days
tk x4 in a cleared AO and dc. Very intentional. Clearly a troll.

2nd ban - 3 days
-TK Friendly Pilots
-Destroying Friendly assets at MOLOS in a Friendly Technical

This is an english speaking server. I apologize if this somehow affected your ability to understand the rules but I don’t believe that is the case anyways. We have had plenty of foreign players who understand that when they get kicked or receive admin messages they should consider that a warning of some sort. You, on the other hand, immediately start flying again time and time again.

Your trollish behavior from your initial bans concerns me and you have NOT ONCE appealed any of your bans until this point. Did it really take this long for you to realize that we are serious?

You are a drain on administrative resources and I sincerely believe that you will continue to break the rules.

Appeal Denied

Admin notes:

  • Refused to go to TS3 for Pilot role. Given 2 Warning’s; would not communicate back and continued to fly. Tried twice to bomb friendly tank even after warning.

  • Player returned to the server after kick (about 30 minutes ). Immediately went to a Heli and took off.
    NOTE: Request Staff review for increased ban time - Player has 4 Bans within the last 36 days.

  • Ban time increased to 7 days for the Rule 11 offence, next ban should be Permanent.

ok I understand but really ı admitted my fault.ı promise ı will not break rule again.How we can fix this stuaion ? every person sometimes make faults .ı realized thıs server really serious pls forgıve my faults ı respect to you