Denied (Perm) - FlyingJebus's Ban Appeal

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. EXACT IN-GAME NAME: FlyingJebus

  2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 76561198249760744

  3. SCREENSHOT OF THE BAN MESSAGE OR THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE DISPLAYED UPON ENTERING THE SERVER: (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Banned Rule #4 for Perm - expires Perm. Griefing/Harassment. Ent))

  4. NAME OF THE ADMIN: No name appears in the ban message.

  5. APPROXIMATE DATE AND TIME OF THE BAN: Around 4 years at least, I really don’t remember the year nor month when I got banned.

  6. THE SERVER YOU WERE ON WHEN YOU WERE BANNED: I wasn’t in the game when the ban happened.

  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED: I really don’t have a good memory on why and when I got banned, but whatever it is I truly am sorry for what I did. A long time has since passed and those few years back I was a mean and loud drunk, no school, no job, just anger and the only way I coped with it was drinking and bullying others. But I’ve had finally had enough and come to terms with my bad drinking habits and I feel like I at least should say that I truly am sorry.


Ive known Jebus for about 5 years and he has become a close friend of mine, i talk to him almost daily on discord. I know what hes gone through and i know hes had a very ugly history but i would like to vouch for him to come back. In my opinion after hearing all thats happend to him and what he has been through i do feel like he has made a huge 180 as a person.

After reviewing the notes made on the player, multiple instances of serious inappropriate behavior were found. The ban will remain