Denied (Perm) - Gooben ban appeal

  1. Gooben
  2. 76561198282714473
    3."You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Kick (Rule #1 Racism. Permanent Ban Entered By Moon.))
  3. Moon
  4. 2:45 Pm EST 12/31/19
  5. Invade And Annex Altis
  6. I was simply playing the server with a friend of mine and we happened to join a group which had a “racist” name which we were not aware of the creator of said group left leaving me as the commander. I then boarded a helicopter with the staff member moon inside. Moon accused me of playing music inside the helicopter which I was not doing. We landed at an airfield I rearmed myself boarded the same helicopter and was immediately met with a ban for racism. I then joined the team speak and was also accused of griefing no evidence was provided and I was sent here to make an appeal. I was just trying to have fun and play on your server.

I constantly started watching you after I got multiple reports of other players that you were griefing and calling other people names quote on quote “Raise your gear you fucktwat” . I have multiple accounts on teamspeak that started telling me the same story of you griefing and harassing. When I went to talk to you in direct you were the commander of the “Racist” group, still that makes you responsible if you didn’t create the group to either disband it or change the name and report it to an admin. Then the ban will remain.

So saying fuckhead is racist? If you don’t give me any actual evidence of griefing i’m gonna keep fighting this. This is literally the only server I play on and now I got banned for joining a group I didn’t create and saying fuckhead in an M rated game. Real Mature community here.

Why don’t you ban everyone who joined the group then they should have noted the name before joining too this is absolutely unfair.

I didn’t hurt anyone I didn’t ruin anyone’s experience and I wasn’t being racist I was just trying to play Arma on a server that I enjoy and trying to have fun and now I cant do that.

The reason you got the perm ban was for the name “Irish N****s Unite” besides you were arguing over punishment with an admin, which just worsens the situation. When I told you go to the forums and have the discussion there, you came back to TS to argue

I came back to the ts to apologize and see if I could return to a server that I liked to play on but whatever Ill find another server not inhabited by people who are so childish they permanently ban someone over Light hearted name calling and a squad name they didn’t even make.