Denied (Perm) - iceman - vile ace ban

1 in game name iceman
2 steam id Steam Community :: virginia farm boys
3 message was “perm ban”
4 name of admin vile ace
5 11/8/2020 around 3 in the afternoon
6 no sever it was TeamSpeak
7 I was developing a game in unity and had my phone set out with a couple guys over in my living room I have evidence that I indeed was developing a game when the incident occurred and have a screen shot on my phone of a friend apologizing for using the n work and spamming on my TeamSpeak they thought it would be funny to mess around on my phone but they don’t understand the extent of what they did. I am Asian American I do have my fair share of racism and I have many speech’s of me talking about racism and would be happy to link all evidence needed to back up my claim I was wanting a higher up to explain to me because I was very upset when I found out I got banned for something I did not participate in I would like to apologize deeply for my friends action’s today and would like to get back into the community again Nak squad is a second family to me and really enjoy coming on and having a cool conversations with players and experiencing different Zeus’s again I do apologize for my friends auction and I should be held responsible for everything under my ip

Our rules are clear on this issue - “The owner of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account. There is no way for NAK Squad to identify the individual behind an account, therefore a ban will not be lifted because someone else was using your account.”

Appeal Denied

but I have solid evidence that proves i did not indeed do it so you kicking me out for something i did not do and refusing to let me show you evidence I have SOLID evidence but you are refusing to let me show you

like really i have proof you just denying it

The racist name came from your account. We are banning your account for that racist comment. Racist comments, statements, or names are not allowed in any shape or form. Following the NAK Server rules, that you agreed to every time you connected to our TeamSpeak server, game servers, and website, you are responsible for all actions taken on your account even if it was not you. You can have proof that it was not you that did it, but your account did, therefore it is your responsibility.