Denied (Perm) - Randy Bobandy-Ban appeal

1.Randy Bobandy
2. Steam Community :: Guy fieri
3. You were kicked off the game.(BatllEye: Admin Kick (racism banned for perm- expires perm by VileAce))
4. VileAce, and not sure possibly this summer.
5. Im not sure when this ban was, Im assuming that my little brother was playing on my computer, I’ve never tried to join this server before. I was working a lot during the summer and was almost never home and when I was i wasn’t playing games. Now that I’ve discovered this Ive changed my password to my computer and he will not be playing on it again, and there will be no chance of a repeat offence. Id like to apologize for his actions and thank you for your time.

This ban will not be removed. This account has two bans on record on our servers. The ower of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account. Whether it was you or your brother this account will continue to have a permanent ban on all NAK servers.