Denied (Perm) - respect - Feel/Win7 Ban Appeal


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hi admin I was permanently banned on the channel. It was my mistake before one year ago.last time I entered the channel for the pilot and soon I entered ts but I was banned very soon.ı had a mıstake some fault to enter on ts…
I was a rookie of my past mistakes but this was not deliberately.
I got into the game, there was a problem in team speak, I chose a pilot and after 5 minutes I entered the team again and banned :confused: permanent banned isnt fairly
My sentence was a little heavy. I didn’t kill my teammates. Can you appeal my sentence? I have to do something, regards, nothing has been done knowingly, just not knowing the language.and the ı have ınternet problem these days
Can you forgive me in these corona days and you can give last chance
sincerely… please gıve me a last chance to Nak squat.

You’ve had 9 recorded instances on file for piloting not in team speak (just that I can count) You were previously perm banned after giving several chances and filed an appeal and your appeal was accepted. You then continued to join and pilot while never joining team speak. You were banned again and appealed and the ban and were given the chance to prove you were capable of following the rules and yet still continued to do the exact same thing. Your ban appeal will not be accepted this time. It’s obvious you have no intention of following the rules set forth.

t’s not fair for me to be banned permanently yes I couldn’t follow the team speak rules because of my internet connection and my English… this is my last chance please can you solve my permanent ban…

It was not something I did on purpose. I did not deserve a permanent ban. There was no racist or offensive attitude. Please let me evaluate this last chance…

Our rules are not put in place as conditional suggestions based on the status of the player’s computer system or their internet connection. You have been warned, kicked and banned multiple times for the same offense, which speaks volumes to your level of “respect” for our servers and the rules that are in place. To prevent having been kicked the first time and banned every time thereafter, you had the option of not joining in the pilot role. You could have easily played as infantry and used other vehicles, but that is not what happened. Yes, what you did repeatedly WAS on purpose.

I’m sorry, but your ban appeal has been denied.