Denied (Perm) - Rockhe - banned rule #4 3rd PERMA


banned rule #4 3rd by VileAce
nak #1 invade & annex public server

i wasnt trying to be anoying, i thought i was helping, didnt mean to be anoying* i was trying to help

Use the ban appeals format located here:

[Steam Community :: Roché
banned by VileAce

Edit your original post, and number each step of the process according to the format.

You have broken many of our server rules. You are banned from our servers (all of them) until 03/22/2019 7:00 PM ET. These bans will not be removed. Using absenities directed at an admin is not acceptable. Any continued rule violations and you will be banned permanently.

dankie/thank you

I understand that english is not your primary language, but you need to explain the first part of your response.

"you sound like a robot, and i did no such thing SIr! "

You absolutely broke many rules. You continued to message the admin after being asked not to, you were a general nuisance on the game server, you abused the website quick chat (I kicked you from the quick chat), when you called an admin a dick - "Roché 3/8/2019 5:51 he a dick " I finally had to ban you. All of these things are against server rules.

I was trying to be nice by reducing the ban, but I will make it permanent again if you do not own up to your errors.

lets leave it there boss, i will take my ban, the robot thing was me reflecting on that you didnt understand what happend* and i was wrong, i respect the process and will take my ban till 22/03 no problem with that, sorry 4 all this

On the 8th I told you not to spam the quick chat, and when you continued I kicked you. You can back and spammed the chat again so I banned you for a day from the quick chat. Today you continued to spam the quick chat with 30 post (spamming is the sending of consecutive unanswered post within a short time frame). As I mentioned on Sat Mar 09, 2019 at 11:34 am “Any continued rule violations and you will be banned permanently.”

You are now banned from all of our servers permanently.