Denied (Perm) - Swift's Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases): GLS Swift and Swift
  2. Player Steam profile copy here: Steam Community :: [FN] Swift | Solomon
  3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering.:
  4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from.: 9:20 P.M. CST, Admin: Unknown, I just logged on to Nak Atlis Invade and Annex Server
  5. Any explanation or justification.: The reason the ban should be lifted.: I play exclusively on NAK Squad. I created the Ghille Squad to help people learn how to play the game. All my squad leaders are veterans myself included. I do not go out of my way to recruit people. I make a squad people and people join me on my squad. I tell them about the Ghillie Squad, since it is in my name as GSL. Then it gets to the point they ask me if they can join because they like me or the people I am playing with. They want me to be their friends on Steam so we can play together. I only allow the Ghillie Squad to play on this server when we are playing as “The Ghillie Squad.” May I restate once more that this Squad is to teach new people how to play the game. If they want to leave they can. The Squad also acts as a way of helping people to decide to get on ARMA 3 as it is usually not very fun without friends.

The admin who banned you is c0pout. He will handle your appeal.

I have informed him and he will get back to you.

Where the problem appeared is on Feb. 13 when you spammed the in-game server chat channel with the following:

9:45 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: Swift / :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
9:48 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: Swift / :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
9:59 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: http.s:// :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
9:59 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: http.s:// :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
9:59 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: http.s:// :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
9:59 PM 02/13/2019 (Group) GSL Swift: http.s:// :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

(Note: A Period (.) was inserted in “https” to prevent it from inserting the link image in the forums. Likewise, the last section of the Discord address and Steam name have been replaced here to prevent additional recruiting.)

I believe Dr. Penguin (76561198080368356) was also in on this action. In fact, he spammed the in-game server with the same Discord address around the time you were doing so, a total of 19 times.

NAK’s primary method of communication outside of the game itself is TeamSpeak. There is a reason we use TeamSpeak and we encourage other players to utilize this resource to improve their gaming experience. By spamming our game servers with your own communication service and enticing NAK players away from NAK resources, you are “recruiting” and NAK has a specific rule against that:

RULE #15) No recruiting
First Offense: Based on severity, up to permanent ban.

Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed. Mass sending of friend requests via Steam, to players on the server is also not allowed.

If wearing the GSL tag is used to facilitate others to join your group, to utilize your communication services and you are building a dedicated group, that can be problematic. If removing the GSL tag from your name would prevent this, I would encourage doing so.

I appreciate the fact that you only play on NAK servers and are willing to help others in learning to play the game and I encourage that behavior. There are other ways to be a leader without creating your own splinter group and encouraging others away from our TeamSpeak service.

I do recognize the amount of time you have spent on the NAK servers and therefore I was willing to limit your ban instead of making it permanent. Your initial ban has been set for 30 days. I will discuss this situation with another head admin and let you know if and what the final ban duration will be.

As a rebuttal if I may, the “Chat Spam” in question was in Direct Voice chat. No one else could see it but a number of at most 6 people who were with us that wanted to join the Ghillie Squad and wanted to be my steam friend. We were all joking around and spamming the chat due to that side chat and command chat has a tendency to block out any msgs you put in direct voice comms in the text. So we did it so the person could write it down to use it later as one of the people had to leave. Another thing if I may, most people don’t know how to use Teamspeak I PREFER Teamspeak but the plus of discord you do not have to download Discord, unlike Teamspeak. I understand the fact that Teamspeak is an amazing communication resource is sound quality and excreta. The issue at hand that I have PERSONALLY with NAK Squad is that I have met MANY people on this server. Never once did, a Nak Elite, Nak Tactical, or excreta, help someone from my experience within the server. I go out of their way to seek out new players who join this server. When the text comes on the screen that shows a person is new to the server, I do everything in my power to welcome them to the server, to show them how to play ARAM 3, to make them feel that this game is FUN! Now if I remember ARMA 3 is a HUGE learning curve it loose people on a daily basis because people do not show them how to enjoy the game. THAT is why I created this “Squad” or “Group”. We are dedicated to helping people’s fun and realism. When we are on the battlefield on an objective and we see people downed or needing medical support, I and my squad make a fucking B-line to them to help them get back into the fight. No offense to you or any NAK Squad Donors, Elites, or Tactical, but from my experience you DO NOT CARE ABOUT the NON-NAK affiliated people. We play on NAK because we enjoy the server. We play regularly. My “Squad” are dedicated players to NAK servers because we all became friends on THERE. We hope to keep playing on this server but my Squad is not happy at all. They feel I have not broken your rules which declare that I do not take people away from ANY NAK resource. Just because they are in MY Discord server DOES NOT MEAN that they do not join YOUR TeamSpeak server. The Pilot Division in my Discord are in three comms. They join the NAK TeamSpeak, my discord VC, and the Pilot Squad in the ARMA 3 Server. Every person in the Ghillie Squad was taught by ME. I try to extend my knowledge as far as possible but you are cutting my legs out from under me if you ban me permanently. If you do that most of my squad will refuse to come onto any NAK server. I do not want that and will detest them from doing that just because I was banned. But can you honestly tell me ANY of your NAK Elites take the time out of their day to help people REGULARLY that just joined the server? One of YOUR NAK ELITES is in MY SQUAD. HE LOVES IT! He teaches people HOW TO BE A PILOT! He is the Pilot leader of my discord and he is a god damn great instructor. He is charismatic and has a way with people in being very friendly and nice. He is a TRUE example of how a NAK ELITE should be. Now please look into your own minds and ask yourself. Have I the Leader of the Ghillie Squad has told my squad mates to NOT USE NAK Services? Have I enticed them with only a discord server to not use Teamspeak? The Discord is used only for announcements and VC if we want to play ARMA or any other game together. We don’t dislike TeamSpeak but we understand not everyone wants to download TeamSpeak. PLUS if we moved 100% to your TeamSpeak could we have a room to ourselves? Could we be GUARANTEED that no one would come in when we are talking and disrupt us? Could you also allow the Language that we use or the jokes we make? The thing with the DISCORD it gives us a bit of FREEDOM with how we choose to use our FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If you can Guarantee that we will move all our VC to TeamSpeak 100% of the time no questions asked. Please do tell if you can or can not.

-Regards, KC Colonel Swift, The Ghillie Squad Leader Swift

Unfortunately we cannot come to an agreement on this. Your ban has been changed to permanent.