Denied (Perm w/option) - Poseidon Chicago Jack - Ban Appeal

  1. In-game name: ‘Poseidon Chicago Jack’ (I think)

  2. Steam Community :: jack

  3. Banned for rule #4

  4. Was banned by Rollaconda, estimated date 8/23/18

  5. Hello, I realized I had my NAK account from years ago so i was able to sign-in and make this appeal, as I was told to. I’d like to say sorry for braking rule number four, which I didn’t mean to be harrasing anyone, I know what I did was wrong and didn’t realize until after that It wasnt right to keep bugging a admin about asking for someones steam account so I can speak with them, as they got banned, and had no way of contacting him which sucked for me, but if i used my head, a admin just cant hand out a players steam account info, but i wasnt using my head clearly. I hope I can get back on the server, as this wouldnt happen again and i will just mind my own business, and play as I have been playing on this server for the years I’ve played here. Also I’d like to point out I was banned on the Teamspeak? Which is interesting because it says i was being “RACIST” on teamspeak and thats why I was banned. Which is 110% incorrect. I understand lying here will get me nowhere but I know for a fact i was never racist with what i’ve said. I hope we can get this resolved and I can get another chance to play on the server! Thank you.

Am i really not going to get a reply? i have patiently waited weeks.

thank you for your patience. so let me start with how it originated. You were griefing and for that reason i pulled you up to the help room with myself and lorenzo. At that point it was a 1 day ban. You continued to argue and grief. Then you started argueing with us about the rules after banning your “friend”. Then you wanted his steam ID and would not stop spamming us for it after being told we were not comfortable with giving you this information. I then went down to the altis pilots channel in teamspeak and as i was there you said racist comments verbally. At this point you are perma banned. I understand people get heated in game play. unfortunately for you we do not tolerate racism, harassment, or arguing with an admin, with that said there is no doubt in my mind that NAK servers are not for you. you can make another ban appeal after 90 days. 12/09/2018

I did not ONCE say anything racist, that was not me and that was my “friend” you are referring to. That is completely false, and if you have the video evidence I’d love you to prove that. I was not once racist at all, and every single person in that lobby would agree. This is terrible and not right, i was not once racist and was never banned for racism.

I have no problem saying that the admin may have heard someone else use the racist words, and it is possible that he thought it was you because of the situation. That does not change the fact that the NAK Community is not the correct place for you at this time. The ban will remain in place.