Denied - Ssgt. Mob Barely - Ban Appeal

Post: June 21st, 2017, 4:58 pm

  1. Ssgt. Mob Barely
  2. Steam Community :: Gordon Ramsey
  3. Racism perm ban by vileace
  4. Vileace around 12:00 am
  5. “Datjosh” reported that they were getting racist messages sent to them and the admin checked right as my friend “Owen” typed a fake message that said “nigger” with my name written on it. It was a fake message and “Owen” the guy that actually typed the message only got a 3 day ban and he was yelling in the ts3 and had multiple warnings.

This is all that I can remember off the top of my head but please consider unbanning as this is the only invade and annex server that I actually like.

Ssgt. Mob Barely

Just for clarification, the message was typed in TS or in-game?

Sorry, this is not the case. After I sent you and your friend into the other TS channel, do to your interruptions in Pilots, an Admin joined you under a different name. You came back into the Pilots channel and falsely reported that that admin was harassing you. I then went down into the channel with you, your friend and the undercover admin, and pretended to warn the admin, then I left the channel. You then began to make racist comments, both you and Owen. At which point you both received bans.
Your ban will not be removed for the following reasons
Making false reports against other players
Trolling TS

Even if I did do that which I am not denying why is it that “Owen” only has 3 days while I have a perm ban for basically the exact same thing?

The ts3 message that had any racist remark with my name on it was from my friends and they typed my name over theres which is what I think the racism ban is from, if not can you clarify from other than that?

For any clarification please read my prior post I believe that it is clear. If you want me to clarify a specific point let me know what in my post you do not understand. Not that it matters, as it is not relevant to your ban, but Owen’s ban is not for 3 days.
From the minute you joined the Pilots TS channel you were causing problems. I removed your from the channel multiple times warning you that your actions were not appropriate for the server. You are the one that complained about the racist comment sent to you. Then you went on making a joke about it. You may take racism as a joke but NAK does not. Bottom line, it is not what was written that caused you and Owen to be banned. When you were in the channel together, you made verbal racist comments with an admin in the channel with you.
Your ban will not be removed for the following reasons
Making false reports against other players
Trolling TS

I do not need clarification on this matter, I talked with Owen and it was 3 days I even had he check with the game server but not with the TS, I only remember being taken out of the channel 1 time and that was right before my ban… May I ask what my prior bans were?

I never mentioned prior bans. Racism is a permanent ban for the first offense. I consider this issue closed. You are welcome to appeal in 12 months.

Well is it a guarantee’d appeal in 12 months?

I think he is saying that you can try again in 12 months and until that time, the ban will not be reversed.