Devas Autopilot Mod

Date 03/21/2019
Name Arvid (Nickname: Surgeon) Camderman

Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable.
Devas Autopilot Mod

Reason to add or remove mod.
Allows people to use, for example, the armed blackfish alone, you can turn on loiter and use the guns. Currently used by some people on the server, including NAK-elite. Doesn’t really give you any combat edge, just makes life easier when you are alone…

We do not have an issue with the mod in general, but in the near future we plan to implement the “auto drive” feature, and there will most likely be an in-game cost associated with it. Allowing Devas kind of circumvents that. We were also concerned that a single individual, using the mod, could pilot the armed blackfish creating an OP weapons platform not available to players without the mod. Similarly, with no pilot actively flying the Blackfish, it cannot avoid AA attacks leading to wasting assets. If you all can find a mod that has similar features but only works with single seaters, I would be happy to approve that.