Don't goof inside the base, soldier

Hi there. I would like to make a suggestion. I don’t know, if this problem occurs on other servers too, but on Malden it is sometimes a problem. Enemy airplanes or even enemy vehicles close to, or even inside the base, can not be fought back. Everytime you try to shoot something, - ‘Don’t goof inside the base, soldier’. Well, I am not goofing inside the base, but I am trying to defend the base from enemies.

How would it be, if the goofing around message would only pop up, if the projectile just shot damages buildings, welches, or any other asset of the base? And, if the same player wood be registered for doing so a second time within a given time period, say… like within 2 minutes, respective player would be kicked from server and would have to relog to continue playing.

That sort of programming though possible would be very detrimental to the performance of the server. Every change/additional we make has to be weight against the performance.

Hi Nicoman,
This has been brought up many times in the past, To point out if you are being attacked by the enemy nearby, if in base at airfield as that is common, choose a close by re spawn and retake that area. Yes, it sucks, but from a topic i recalled reading this was if we removed spawning enemies close to the base, we would in a sense lose something like a quarter of the map, if you see the airfield and other spawn sizes.

You could look into making a team with players in game so whenever you are assaulted or harassed you can all team up seal team 4 that stuff and take over the area again.


Here’s an idea:

Why not just see those situations as an extra side mission :wink: Retake what’s ours, with the limitations of not being able to actually shoot from “within” base :stuck_out_tongue: