Language Warning*

So this happend last night on Altis I&A. I will be watching these snakes like a hawk from now on and i encourage all of you to keep your guard up out there.

Hahahaha this is an integrated ArmA mechanic. Civilians will always go on “Combat” awareness when they see OPFOR or BLUFOR units. This will not happen in the presence of INDFOR. Hence why when they have a weapon they treat you as hostile. You can try it yourself in the Zeus or EDEN editor. It kinda makes sense that Bohemia integrated this into the game. Altis citizens (normally lol) won’t attack their own army. So… “If it has a weapon and it doesn’t have a HEX, drop a bomb on top of em”

We just played the mission a bit ago and i warned wave and the other guys about this incident and not even a second later wave said “civ just got on the gun” lol

When you see a MG turret, try to reach it and dismantle it :slight_smile:

I quickly realized this is the easiest way to prevent a civ or another enemy combatant from getting on the turret. Too many times have I ran past one just to get gunned down from behind.