Drongos Active Protection System - Already Restricted


Ashton Kokram

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Drongos Active Protection System

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Adds Passive, and Hard-Kill Active protection systems to most armored vehicles allowing for improved survivability against Shaped-Charge munitions. While we do have ERA on some vehicles for this they are single-use, and only do so much against large groups of AT Troops and armored vehicles. We already have Active protection systems that were used or are in service presently so why not have them in the future? Hard Kill: United States Iron Curtain, and Quick Kill. Israels Iron Fist, and Trophy System. Russia’s Drozd, Arena, and Afganit sytems. Soft Kill: Russia’s Shtora-1. Germany’s RUSS. South Korea’s MSSG. It takes a good bit of time to move an armored vehicle over to an objective usually with the lack of air transport only to get shot by a couple of AT troops, several Autocannon vehicles, and MBT’s, you can’t see or couldn’t react in time to engage. This would make supporting Armored-Vehicles more survivable, have increased endurance in multiple objectives, less time spent respawning, and gives a little more incentive to have motorized units supporting infantry along with air support.

Already Restricted - Server-side mod - Server-side mods need to be added to the server, all players would need the mod loaded to join.