Dynamic loadout on AH-9 Pawnee problem

Hello guys,

I have problems with dynamic loadouts, usualy on AH-9 pawnee (I did not test out other helos). What happens is when I use mouse scroll wheel to select dynamic loadout option and then press , be it with middle wheel button or space or whatewer, my helo outostarts engine and then system don’t alow me to do dynamic loadout, At first I thought that my mouse (mousewheel) has some faulty binding, but that was not the case. i tried to select also with enter and space and all failed. To mention I do get dynamic loadout menue, but since heli already aoutostarted, I cannot use dynamic loadout anyway (got message on screen says that helo must be turned off).
I would apreciate any tips how to solve this. I also use T flight Hotas X aswell, but joystick is never touched during this operation.

Also it is worth to mention, that I managed to do it today on my first spawn of Pawnee on carries for some reason.

Tommy Lee

The problem is with the configuration or use of the joystick, even though it is not actually used at any point. I do not use my joystick in Arma, but if you talk to the other pilots in TeamSpeak, or maybe on of them will reply here, there is a fix, I just do not remember it. I think it has something to do with the throttle position on the joystick, and I remember it being counter-intuitive like the joystick throttle had to be half or full.

It is semi ok . I just don’t fly without it. That is why I bought it in first place. Problem is as I see in settings of arma, and more specifically Standard or advanced flight model for helos. On advanced there are no autostarting sequence, so I set on that durin dynamic loadout and go back after reloading.

So, you could say that it is “semi-fixed”…

Put throttle to full then scroll wheel to engine off then dynamic loadout. Works when changing skins also.

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