(Edited) reviving AI?

So I have seen a problem with the AI to where after you shoot them they can (edited) revive themselves up 2 or 3 times in a row. Last time I checked if you get shot center mass at 200M 4 or 5 times your dead and cant (edited) revive themselves back up. Idk if its a bug or not. If your looking to add the aspect that they can be revived, then make it to where other AI go up to them and do a reviving animation.

It is not a bug, we use VCOM ai, and if they do not receive enough damage they can heal themselves just like you can. The animation that happens is the same animation that you do when healing yourself. Some of the AI have better armor and therefore it will take more shots to kill them.

I have seen them take direct hits from The 120mm he tank rounds and the 30mm he gun on the Angara.

VCOM uses standard Arma damage handling, they just are smarted and will heal themselves. You are welcome to research the scripts we use Steam Workshop::Vcom AI V3.4.0

Wizardry…I don’t mind it. I love the sound of full auto 30mm.

So your trying to tell me that i can take 1 shot to the chest 50m away in a town and die instantly, but the ai can take 4 and revive themselves 2 or 3 times? Yea doesnt seem fair or realistic. I used to love this sever but im tired of using half of my 200rn box to my m-240 to kill 2 guys

@milsimman08 I mean, YOu can always lazer des them for cas to JDAM. That will ensure they stay dead the 3rd time. If they don’t well, I am sure we have all played a Zombie version of Arma 3 at one point, not meaning DayZ. Literaly zombie mod I cant recall but was interesting.


only takes 1 good shot to put a guy down, simple enough double tap’m after enemy is down… milsimm.

And your logic is flawed, only takes 1-2 bullets to put you down, but its the same for them. only difference is they can self revive… as can you using the player menu/shop by sending an AI to you or reviving yourself.

Be happy there isnt insta kill if you get shot. yes it can happen but that rarely does (normally requires to be blown up or shot more after you are incap’d), but insta-kill on AI happens 90% of the time.

If its not stop carrying a peashooter 5.56 then. only 1 in 20 get up for me when using my Cryix or Navid 9.3mm and thats only the arm or leg hit, if I headshot or chest shot they rarely ever get back up.

I will add I do also usually double tap after they rag doll to the ground after a hit. Learned that in a Nak Tac mission involving snipers.