Enemy aircraft really annoying.

Enemy air is the most annoying and worst thing about this server, you are forced into fighter jets as flying helicopter are a death sentence. Ik UAV has the ability to deploy anti-air but on this server only their radar will not stay on, also that their ammo will run out fast while the enemy jets have Infinite ammo. I can only use the Sentinel stealth UCAV without it getting shot down before i can use it.
Just if enemy air was charged to have more attack helicopter or para jumping aircraft instead of the constant air superiority fighter jet all the time.

It is not much of a problem on a full/half server but on a low pop server there’s no point trying to even play.

I do have an appreciation for the point that you are making here, as I have tried running transport before to be blown out of the sky by a enemy jet while our own CAP is not in place.

However that frustration is where my sympathy ends towards this topic, as to me the enemy air is an essential component to the balance of the server. The enemy air is the way to ensure that friendly air units, whatever they may be, cannot be solely focused on the ground, and that there is not a friendly asset doing all of the work for the ground teams. I have seen plenty of examples when the server is around 20 players with 5-6 being in air assets just carpet bombing AO’s haphazardly, essentially removing all the fun for the group of players on the ground.

From my own personal experiences it is far more common for the enemy air to be ineffective at balancing out the air combat, as we typically maintain air superiority except in some rare cases of pilots making poor decisions around Tigris/Rhea.

To that extent, I get where you are coming from, I can’t really identify from your post whether you are more transport or attack rotary, but regardless I do agree you are certainly setup for failure whenever new aircraft spawns. However implementing a system where fewer jets spawn would not be the valid solution to me, as enemy rotary elements provide no challenge to any mildly skilled fighter pilot, and paratroopers have little to no impact whenever CAS is on station.

In an effort not to simply disagree with your point, I would rather suggest the addition of a 2nd AA hill being placed somewhere to the southern end of the map. This makes it so during times where player count is low and players are unwilling to fly fixed wing when they get shot down, they have 2 places from which you can shoot down an enemy jet, which should cover enough area to achieve your goal and then teleport back to get back into a rotary element.

To counter the argument of this method making the server unbalanced, my argument is that the current AA hill is used sparingly typically only when air superiority is already lost, and I would expect this new hill would act in the exact same way, where it is only used when it’s absolutely needed. Downside would come of players started mainly focusing solely playing AA, however from my own experience most players don’t do that.

I’m interested in everyone else’s thoughts here.

I don’t think a 2nd AA hill would fix the problem, as having the radar on the Cheeter will get jet aircrafts attention and the jet will go to the cheeter like a moth to a light.

And i understand the problem with air domination in AO, especially with enemy helicopters getting picked off as soon as they spawn making them pointless.

Maybe if EMP was introduced but having frequent pulses instead of just 1 big pulse and to change the script so it get vehicle that are at the speed of more the 1kph so people can’t just turn the engine off when pulses goes off. This will solve the problem for ground vehicles as they can easily stop at any time.

Or even if the altitude of a aircraft will be the trigger to allow the EMP effect to happen. Making the EMP 2 or 3 stages around the AO to disarm instead of 1.

This might work as rotary aircraft can be used more, with less worry about enemy air, and restricted air dominance over AO.

Even a continuous pulse of EMP that will be visible on map so aircraft entering the area will get affected leaving CAS at long range support instead of unleashing the whole USA arsenal on AO?

(all my comments are about low pop - A dozen or so or fewer ppl on the server)

By that, do you mean “to even play as [rotor/CAS/CAP]” - and if so I guess it’s “play as rotor”
You can always just join us on the ground?

Unfortunately I feel it is a great balance at the moment. As has been said, a few nights ago we had four rotors constantly spamming the gound targets so much we couldn’t even go to the centre of the AO for ten minutes and then the mission ended. At times like that is is extremely annoying for the ground players, as we watch rotors taking on individual infantry targets in buildings while we can’t even get in to the area.

It would have been much better if it had been one CAP, one CAS and 2 helos.

I also get annoyed when there are just six “snipers” sat on hill tops around the outside of the AO while one or two of us try and get in to the scientist or town centre. Normally, if we need a machine gunner, one of us gets a machine gun for example - as we get to know players and how we fight during higher pop times. Similarly I run mostly as a squad marksman/AT, but will change to smaller calibre when we lack coverage for clearing woods or low vis or towns. The reluctance of those “snipers” to risk their “lives” (it’s only a game ffs lol) makes me often tell them my thoughts on that matter over comms - and 50% of the time, I will then see them moving off their hilltops and approaching to assist.

Flexibility is key, and should be an acceptable part of the digital battlefield. I love playing as squad marksman, but the mission and the team has to come first - if that means me changing to a squaddie with an MX5, so be it.

Enemy aircraft re-calibration implemented, please check and provide feedback.