Engagement Boosting

Hi All,

This post is not really informative, as much as it is showing an area that I believe is struggling, give a few ideas, but perhaps it will just die there, but the thought was just on my mind. I am wondering if there is anyway we can attempt to boost up player coordination in any way, as the server stands right now it I feel like a lot of the time it permits if not encourages individual players to “lone wolf” and every man for themselves until the end of the AO where everyone either force respawns or groups for transport. This can be seen to extremes during slower hours, as well as in many pilot situations, where there is no coordination, just going in alone.

I am wondering if there was a way to promote teamwork and coordination in the server, not necessarily forcing it to be via teamspeak, but just promoting players to join squads and work with each other to do things together. Yesterday I watched 5 tanks all get 1 driver in them, get heavy lifted in, and half were gone 5 minutes later because soloing in these situations can be very difficult especially depending on the AO, but there is no benefit to being a driver, and the gunner gets all of the action.

My only real idea is just implementing a small point reward that is given for x amount of time spent with your squad within an AO. This would promote squad work as well as make armor be rewarding to both the driver and the gunner, and whatever squad members were within the AO. This system being in place would create potential for more teamwork, and have players be more engaged amongst one another, however it would not have any effect on pilots. This solution could come in the form of implementing an actual JTAC role, or create point rewards for pilots that complete strikes on lasers, however I feel like the code behind that might be a little too complicated, and there certainly are more times that I see pilot coordination than ground.

In essence, I feel like this is not neccesarily a problem, but a symptom of what the Altis server brings and promotes within itself, being a public server, that requires no mods, and uses a rinse and repeat style gameplay, with infinite times to reinsert, teamplay really is not required. But what I believe I am proposing really would have no impact on players that strictly play solo, and do not want to have any teamwork. However it would promote an environment with teamwork and cooperation in the forefront, while not dictating it be the case, which to me is the perfect way to have Altis be styled.

Obviously this is all my opinion, and I say this with no knowledge of how feasible this would be to implement even if others agreed. It was just a thought that crossed my mind, and this was the solution that I had come up with.

The Tanoa server would be a better fit for the play style you described, also NAK ops and zeus servers are much more teamwork oriented. You select a specific role on the Tanoa server and I realized that more people play together, especially since the amount of players is usually smaller there.

Some other things you mentioned like the tank story and how the gunner gets the action, it depends on the squad you’re in. I’ve been with tank crew’s where we are all coordinated and can even rotate roles (gunner, commander, driver), and some where people have a mind of their own.

At the end of the day the Altis server is meant to be a more open and kind of “arcade style” of play while maintaining balance, even though it does get discouraging sometimes that people don’t have a more teamwork oriented aspect to it. But players still have the freedom to go at their own pace and style.

From my experiences though, you can just ask people to join your squad and establish some form of teamwork right there on the spot, you would be surprised how many people are open to working together. Like I mentioned some people have a mind of their own and some even have their own squads they prefer to play with, but I would say over 75% of the time you can make some great friends by asking and playing together especially when there is proper communication.