Exile Server Changes

Changed all pricing for vanilla items
Changed all pricing for EBM items
Made *all items sellable (*a few items remain unsellable for various reasons, will update as needed for any missed items, some listed in the “to fix” section below)
Removed “Craft” from in front of recipes so they will list alphabetically
Move Cooked to the end of food items that are cooked

Added to NAK recipes:
----Junk Metal
----Sledge Hammer
----Safe Kit
----Cooking Pot
----Zip Tie (Duct Tape)
----Zip Tie (Rope)
----Can Opener
—*Suppressors added but need repair
—Additional recipes coming - “painting your weapons” - if you have ideas let me know.

Added battery to purchase and loot
Removed Exile_Melle_Shovel replaced with Exile_Item_Shovel for all recipes
removed generator not used in recipes Land_PortableGenerator_01_F_Kit
Changed vehicles to remain locked in safe zones after restart unlockInSafeZonesAfterRestart = 0;
Added unused items to loot - unused includes some tools needed for new recipes
removed AmbientFlyOver

To fix
Add Mine detector to loot
Move diving items to Spec ops - Currently in Boat trader and he can only sell vehicles
Add to sellable
—Wood Door Kit
—Brick Half Wall
—Christmas Tinner Cooked
—Mine detector
—Sledge Hammer
—Sandbag kit long

Big and important update to the server!
Love it!
Thanks :mrgreen:

Changes to the new release of Exile as of 02/10/19

  • Server has been moved in house.
  • Server restarts no longer take 20 mins, the server is available within 1 min of a restart.
  • Added new sniper weapons and optics to the traders and loot locations.
  • Added compatibility of the 9.3 suppressor to the m320 (added last week).
  • Removed the air assets that trended to be overly aggressive and camp dead bodies.
  • Added AI to the water around Altis.
  • Added the ability to rappel. Most have Rope in inventory.
  • Changes to roaming AI and occupation AI. Mostly made their weapons and loot more consistent, but slightly lowered other values such as chance to chase and chance to spot.
  • Added bambi zone exclusions for roaming AI, they will avoid bambi towns unless they are engaged from within the zone.
  • Added new hardcore occupation mission (random towns) similar to slums and salt flats (difficult but the rewards are worth it) - Revision coming to prevent bambi zones from being selected as random location.
  • Removed a couple problematic vehicles.

Now that the server is in house we will be making additional changes in the coming weeks including: new spawn options; vector building (ability to rotate all building structures in x, y ,and z coordinates); and a new trader interface with better search functionality.

Thanks for the update. Will add to the Changelog.


New Changes 2/15/97
Added new Medium utility helicopters to the traders. These helicopters can not be purchased.

New Changes as of 6pm EST Feb 16th 2019

Vector Building - Allows players to build with all their bases using all vectors.
Spawn Select - Provides players with a improved spawn selection GUI, and gives the players a loadout based on their respect.

  • Click on the location you want to spawn at.
  • Spawn on Ground, Halo, or Parachute.
  • Spawn on territory.
  • Respect based loadout with notification

Advanced Trader Menu - Provides players with easier ways of trading.

  • Searching of item displayNames / classNames
  • Previewing the item, on the ground, or player.
  • Ability to double click to sell / buy items.
  • Displays more store items in the