Expired (2 days) - [CCH] benoit marsouin - Ban appeal - i'm not recruting it's an incomphreansion

1 . benoit marsouin
2 . Steam Community :: benoitmarsouin
3 . it’s joint
4 .i dont know sorry
5 . hello I am a French player, Friday I wanted to play on the server and I play with nak squad member I believe, and in the end we had trouble understanding it and I tried to tell them that if the nak squad team wanted to meet my French team for fun and I think they had to believe that I was recruiting, not at all. I just wanted France and the English community to meet one day ^^

i’m so sorry for my english


Your ban was put in place by [Admin]Fox, lasting for 2 days, starting 10-04-19 and ending 10-06-19…

Your SteamID is 76561198119349821

It appears as though the ban was put in place, but was a misunderstanding as to your intentions. The ban has since expired and you are welcome to rejoin the server.