Expired (3-hour) - Ban appeal : konigandy6


Received a 3 hour ban while in server, when trying to log back in, just says server is locked.

VileAce 10/9/18 approximate time 2100est

I am simply creating this because I have no idea the reason I was banned in the first place. I was kicked prior, for going into the main mission area, I did not know it was restricted, nor received any prior warning, which is fine. I rejoined, but stayed out of mission area, met up with Charlie company and was told to join Charlie, which I did. I was simply following my squad into battle, we were told weapons hot. I shot one AI, and then I was banned. I play on this server quite a bit, and this was the first time I’ve ever had any issues. I’m just confused as to what I did so I do not do it again, because I do not want to lose my ability to use your server. If I did do something wrong, I apologize. I just would like to know what it was. I understand the ban was only for 3 hours, it’s just the principle of the matter.

If you can shed some light on this, that would be greatly appreciated. I tried to add VileAce on steam so I could discuss it with him directly, but as of this post, he had not accepted my request.

Thank you for your time.

The announcement that the main AO was restricted was announced over voice and in global chat. We do run special events from time to time, and ask players to cooperate. We offered solutions for players that did not want to be part of the event to limit themselves to the side mission, or to play on one of our other servers.

Anyone that wished to join the mission was asked to speak to the SL. I confirmed with the SL and FT leaders that they had not spoken to you. It is possible that with 60 players on the server, you slipped through, and you were banned in error.

I have now accepted the Stream request, just busy trying to manage the event. I will unban you, if you would like to participate, please message me in Steam when you are about to connect.

I appreciate the response. And it was probably an error on my end too, as I had not spoken with the SL. I was simply told to join Charlie to which I did. I had assumed that was the SL telling me to do so. My apologies, I am not new the server, but new to the events and honestly had no idea there was an event going on. I’m so used to getting in game and just going for it.

Thank you again Vile, and I appreciated the message as well. Have fun with the event!