(Expired) - ChrisFederation - Ban Appeal

  1. Chris
  2. Steam Community :: Error 76561198058747131
  3. You were kicked off the games. (BattelEye: Admin Kick (Banned for 3d- expires 12/27/2018 8:04 PM. Entered by vgerdj.
  4. vgerdj 12/27/2018 8:04 PM
  5. As for the teamkilling, I dropped a cluster. Sorry, I was in a rush. I know this is an insufficient expectation, I’ll get into in a later post or two.

Upon talking with vgerdj, I found out that I have an admin record.

I’d like for someone to look into this, because I don’t recall ever getting banned before. Maybe kicked, but the offenses vgerdj listed seem like too many and out of character. I legitimately think there’s a been a mistake and I’ve been linked to someone elses stuff.

Just to work this out as quickly as possible, if an admin could reply with my kicks/bans from NAK here, I’d like to go through what’s gone on with you all and see if we can figured out what happened. I understand NAK has a large codebase, but somehow I think something has failed and I’m getting someone elses record.

If it helps, I have played from shared IPs before via my university.

I scrolled thru your Battlemetrics and misread a note and relayed that to you. But, you have a lengthy record (10+) of being kicked for not being in TS as a pilot and cursing at other players, as I explained to you in TS. You claimed that it wasn’t you.

You admitted you mass TKd, and that is the specific reason you were banned.

As I said, I’d make it a point to expand on the actual ban reason.

The ban reason itself makes sense, I team killed a group of people. However, the team killing itself was not spread out over a period of time, it happened from one ordinance dropping. Whenever I am preforming CAS, I view any infantry via my Camera, verify the uniform, and I take a measured response based off of the information and time I have available to me. As the server restart was 2-3 minutes away at the time of ordinance, I didn’t have much time. Unfortunately, I looked at a group of infantry via the normal camera, thought they were in CSAT Uniforms, and looked on radar (read: not map) and didn’t see any friendly vehicles in the area. Based off of the information I had at the time, and the timescale I was trying to work on, I made the decision to cluster on that run. Unfortunately, the infantry that I were hit were indeed NOT CSAT, they were friendly. If I had to guess how this happened, I think the CSAT I saw were there and my cluster overshot the intended target (I didn’t actually watch the ordinance land, I saw my target, confirmed it looked about right, and dropped it).

Now, I make it a point to work out problems with admins. When I first joined the server, I found some growing pains and worked with a few Admins (Lorenzo, WalkerCJ, and Rollacanada to name a few) to adapt to the rules. I have, in the past, had issues with Admins or even been pulled out of the channel for rule-breaking and been able to effectively work it out (by either explaining what happened, giving a narrative as to why I think that the action was not rule-breaking, or working with the admin to determine that it was not rule breaking. See VileAce, Zero, or even Rollacanda as to examples of this). I think that this attitude is the best way to deal with problems and allows for growth of the player, growth of the admin, and creates a more friendly interactions/atmosphere server wide.

In attempting to work it out with vgerdj, I was informed that with the information he had available to him, I had a lengthy admin record with bans/kicks and (In his own words), he’d be surprised if Vile didn’t change this from 3 days to some months. Now, after speaking with Claws, it’s come to my attention that there was at-least one erroneous listing on my record. To complement this further, I’ve been told that my record lacks anything major. I honestly think that vgerdj made a mistake and was either looking at the wrong record, was filtering incorrectly, or somehow there is more on my record then I think there is.

The rule I’m accused of breaking is this:

Definition: Intentional Team Killing is the act of killing any friendly player with intent to do so. Intent is decided by the admin issuing the ban based on their investigation and review of all relevant information and evidence. Failing to take commonly recognized steps to prevent team killing, such as checking your map or verifying a target outside of thermals, is considered intentional team killing. Do not retaliate against players who team kill (TK), report it to an Admin. Simply type “Admin “player name” TK” in the game chat, there is often an admin monitoring the servers.

Vgerdj, you weren’t watching me. I think I’ve explained myself sufficiently. I understand that this was a particularly egregious error on my part in the dropping of the clusters, but I don’t think the rule was violated as written. In the future, I’ll attempt to ensure that my clusters land where there are confirmed enemies.

There isn’t any question I mass TK’d. It wasn’t intentional. But I mass TK’d.

I was very clear to you that I could have been kicked before, but not banned.

Additionally, I don’t know that’d I’ve been kicked 10+ times, even considering everything. If you could re-evaluate my battle metric and give me a readout on what you are seeing, I’m more then happy to address this further, explaining the details behind any kicks that were me.

This is marked as expired but the ban was entered (at most) two days ago and was a three day ban. Additionally, I am trying to get the ban off my record or voided, so even if it’s expired I’d still like to pursue this.

I am talking over this ban as of now, and reviewing all information. CopOut, as a Chief of Staff, reviewed your ban and appeal and changed it from 3/7 days to time served and expired the ban at 4:19 AM on 12/25/2018 “[ADMIN] CopOut edited BattleMetrics Ban (Banned for 7h - expires 12/25/2018 9:19 AM. Entered by vgerdj. 1s remaining.)”. At that time CopOut changed the ban here in the forums to expired.

As of 4:19 AM on 12/25/2018 you should be able to access all NAK servers. I see that you attempted to connect to the server on 12/27/2018 at 7:09 AM, any trouble that you had connecting to the server was not related to be ban, it looks as if you may have had a BattlEye connection issues.

I have sent you a Steam friend request, if you have issues connecting again, send me a Steam message.