Extra Vehicle Spawns

I noticed that there are a few vehicles that do not have spawn signs. An example of this would be some of the HEMTT Varients. I personally would like the MSE-3 Marid Added as a spawn sign, and I do understand that it is a CSAT vehicle. It’s not an overpowered vehicle by all accounts, It’s just fun to use. In the server right now, it is very tedious to get one. They don’t spawn as rewards, and you can only get in them on one mission. That is, IF they spawn, get disabled, and be able to drive/lift back to a repair point to use it. The risk of friendly fire while your in it would be similar to using a Gorgon/T-140k, since they’re both used by the enemy; although, it’s mostly from people who don’t check their targets beforehand. Therefor, having these vehicles (and any others that you may or may not add) as spawn signs would be a large convenience.

It’s also a similar case for the BTR-K and T-100 (although the later spawns as a reward), but that’s asking for a but much.

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I concur.

I suggest you take a look at the following forum post if you have not yet done so. As far as I am aware those locations are mostly up to date. Regarding the HEMMT variants, there are those that you might need (HEMMT, HEMMT Transport, HEMMT Ammo, HEMMT Fuel) at Terminal or Infantry Spawn.

There are a lot of vehicles in Arma 3. I believe adding too many vehicles which will never be used is not necessary and only hinders people finding the one they want. If people request vehicles that are not spawnable yet, like you do here, that is another story tho. :slight_smile:

Well In my case, I would like to see a spawnable Marid added, I think it’s unique and fun to use. I know i’d be using it a lot.

When it comes to this, NoahD gave a perfect answer to that:

The problem I personally have with using enemy vehicles is the fact that they’re enemy. With the skins the chance of getting shot by a friendly decreases a bit, but thermals are still a thing. The AFV-4 Gorgon and T-140K Angara can be spawned in at the terminal along with the variety of the HEMTT vehicles.

The problem gets worse the further we go in, I’ll explain. It’s not just about target identification, but also about the vehicles themselves, this is a big problem among pilots, especially the new ones. They rely on the radar/sensors to identify targets, if a vehicle is empty it’s very hard for it to stay intact with newer pilots around. Most of them learn quite quickly to identify the enemy vehicles from friendly (M2A1 Slammer is always friendly, T-140K Angara is always enemy).

It wouldn’t be the first time when a lot of people get annoyed at each other for such mistakes, and that’s the main reason I’m not a big fan of using enemy vehicles within an AO. This is an open server, which means anyone is free to join in any role.

TeamSpeak is a bit better controlled and tends to filter out a few of the most inappropriate users out, but when it comes to infantry that is used to the mentality “It moves shoot it” then it increases the risk/problems even further.

The > T-140K Angara > can be spawned in at the terminal along with the variety of the HEMTT vehicles.