FAC dedicated units?

Playing mainly as marksman observer role on NAK server currently I have found myself in a situations when CAS was needed but fast effective wat to direct them and to establish fast consice contact was hard.

At times, organically support would develop and it feels GREAT to see your CAS destroying technicals danger close getting you out of a pickle having me boring pilots to death thanking them :smiley: .

Having some Forward Air Controler milsim expirience, I was wondering would it be possible to designate FAC observers in respective squads/groups and assign them CAS assets (maybe by ATC or senior pilot on line?) To use and be in direct contact with their CAS assets and guide them onto designated targets.

Maybe even designated player slots for FAC roles to be included into squad server structure?

It would be TS obligatory role I presume for direct contact with assigned CAS assets?

These kind of dedicated roles would in my opinion:

  1. consolidate CAS support on the map guided by individuals on the ground
  2. would truly deepen the cooperation between air and land forces, making them relaying proper information to air units and air units getting more updated and correct data
  3. Would foucs server CAS resources onto proper targets in timely manner.

Just a thought. It would feel great if we could develop SOP to be able to deepen our cooperation and have that efficient force multplier.


If community isinterested, I am willing to work out possible means of implementation of those kind of role to make a backbone owerview of how it could possibly work within NAK server structure and see some pros and cons of putting it in. I would need some expirience NAK pilots though to keep me on track from CAS areal point of view and practicality of ideas.

I am very invested in this idea because when flown planned CAS mission we weren’t allowed to enter AO without FAC telling us to do so. He was the key component in us being able to engage anything, but in ARMA that role is not standardised as other more common roles are (e.g. grenadier, tl, observer…etc)

Our SOP went something like this:

plan all stages of mission- from speeds and altitudes, weapon packages, fuel, contingencies in case of … , coordinate with air cover, time coordination…

Fly in formation to planned staging area(usually it was a safe air space couple clicks out of AO) we would fly in an oval or circular pattern being on the opposite sides of the pattern to have 360 view at all times.

Lead would then contact FAC an we would declare our strike packages (our list of armaments) and fuel time on station(how much fuel we have to linger around on hold)

FAC would recognise us and give us callsigns and basic info on AO. Next he states friendly positions for us to confirm and then enemy targets for CAS and states tgt designation type (laser, ir nade, by tracers, or visual guidance on map, mostly they would use smoke and then guide our vision relative from the smoke (e.g. see yellow smoke. Go long 300m, left 500m, tank below prominent tree on street, still, confirm? Similar how you would lead indirect hires with FO for mortars and artillery)

Then its announced what ordinance will be used and we peel off to target.

Lead is attack element, wingman is owerwatch. He focuses on lock on target and engagement of it, while wing is flying behind and in line and observes AA threats ( strelas and other hard to see hand held sytems) if wing sees a launch or incoming fire he states launch and direction and you both go execute preplanned evasion manevres.

If we didn’t have to ,we would NEVER EVER fly over the AO because it puts ir guided stuff directly no your exsaust since you fly over enemy positions, usually in depth (you get behind infratry AA position with your tail towards them)

If we had to go over AO ( e.g. to drop unguided ordinance) we would roll in low and as fast as weapon systems allowed for safe release, an then clear AO ASAP, cince most casualties was in those situations)

We would have planned what do we do if missle is fired, if cannon is firing or if our airspace is compromised, what to do it that happens outside of AO, what we do if it happens in the middle of ao… To keep it short you would know what you and your lead would do for all possible threats in AO.

Lead would state what evasive mavevre we are doing and he lead would break away while wing would engage discovered AA threat if possible as per preplanned Sop.

We would exfill to staging area and update with FAC until we are out of ordinance it out of fuel for engagement.

Now for ARMA all of those stages are more or less missing for CAS so cooperation window between ground and CAS in ARMA is happening now between some form of CAS staging area to targets engagement in AO and it’s sporadic at best and non regulated.

Sometimes you can read or hear people assing a target for air but dedicated unit would make this process a lot more controllable and coordinated for enjoyment of pilots and infratrymen alike.

I propose implementation of FAC slot and giving dedicated CAS pilots option to approve person for FAC where they would plan and coordinate strikes for current AO. As a short discussions. ( Ok we strike AO from XY side, we expect XY enemy types, so I’ll load up with XY armament, you lase and I will hit. ) That sound like good enough plane for CAS to work directed by ground, but this would also give ability to keep infratrymen informed directly of CAS support where they can help FAC designate best targets and allow the pilot to maximise usage of its strike packages.

FAC drops in the AO by Halo and pilot preps for flight. And then pilot and FAC work from there via TS (maybe even dedicated sub channel)

As for numbers, for Atlis where there are multiple armoured targets on the map 2 FAC spots at the most might works best. I will try that kind of cooperations in game if pilots will be interested.

For this slots though I believe that pilots should have the privilege to pick a FAC player for them since they both need to work as close knit pair and pilots for that kind of play are usually skilled and serious imho.

Every FAC can lead and coordinate multiple assets as well and as there are enemy armoured units a constant on amex and invade servers ( main AO, AA sites multiple, side missions… Etc) there is constant possibility of execution of those kind of coordinated attacks.

There, that’s how I see it. :slight_smile: Sorry for long posts and pilots, what do you think? Would you like that kind of cooperation?

This is a lot of information to digest. I’ll start by saying that the best way to coordinate with Pilots is by joining our teamspeak server, ts3.naksquad.net. We have discussed many ways to prevent/mitigate the “Sporadic” nature of CAS, and have come to the conclusion that such coordination is unlikely and probably not practical for most pilots to follow. A lot of them just want to get up in the air and blow stuff up.

If you’re looking for a more immersive FAC/milsim experience on NAK Public servers, your best bet is to join teamspeak, make a group, and find a way to integrate your own FAC/JTAC/CAS unit with some pilots.

On a somewhat related note, if you’d like to get more involved with the milsim/tactical side of NAK, I encourage you to apply to join NAKTAC. We usually have 2 events per week, and the coordination, teamwork, and camaraderie is on a much greater level than anything you might experience on a public server.

Yeah I know, sorry. My brevity is not up to par.

I didn’t mean to spam with info, just wanted to put all of my relevant thoughts on the idea in one place, hope that’s ok.
I’m out of town till tomorrow for work so had some free time to go through NAK documents, and this idea started brewing.

Thank you for encouregment. I am in a process of approval for NAK tac precissely to participate in your closed sessions so hopefully I will join your GREAT community soon.

I will try suggested methods for public server as well and report if an interesting conclusion pops up worth of communities attention.


Hi riot…

I truly see no reason to apologize for trying to offer good new ideas that might benefit this community. I like to believe that all ideas are welcome, regardless of their results or implementation.

You did mention some really nice juicy ideas here and i’m sure that NAK will read them all.

And if the forums is not a place to post ideas and thoughts, then i really don’t know a better place, so keep it up :wink:

Thx lokii! :slight_smile:

Even though it would be used by a few units, I can assure that the pilots on frequency would appreciate his presence.

It sounds like a very interesting suggestion, and even though that at this exact time I believe that such a role would need some proper knowledge and should be restricted in a similar way as Deathstar, or the pilot slots, it carries a massive improvement to the server and towards the immersion of the game itself. (Correct me if I’m wrong) Most of the pilots would enjoy more immersive radio chatter, and even though that many (Including me) lack the professional knowledge needed for such a task, a proper FAC unit would be able to either correct, or “teach” the pilots on the frequency.

When it comes to the objectives themselves the issue right now is that a proper CAS unit will have enough ordinance to “wipeout” the whole AO. So even though that in theory it looks like an awesome addition, I believe that a unit that would coordinate Air to Air combat would be much more useful to improve the issues which we have to deal with as for example transport pilots taken down constantly by enemy CAP, while friendly CAPs are busy wasting their single bombs and so on.

I think that this wouldn’t be a bad role to add at all, and would love to see such an addition to the server. After all even if most people will still enjoy being in the first line, shooting at everything that moves others will enjoy more supportive and maybe coordinating roles (Similar to ATC, which is rare to see, but improves the experience whenever he’s around).

From my point of view, it would require skilled FAC units, but it would improve, mostly on the immersive experience ,and also would keep a proper order within the AOs, and maybe avoiding that many friendly kills (Which happen daily due to either pilots not checking, or wrong designation from the ground as some units like playing with the laser designator, pointing it all around without even being aware that there’s a jet locking onto that laze.) as he would be available to establish a reliable coordinated attack on confirmed targets.