Feasibility of Underwater Operations

From a physical raw perspective, underwater missions seem feasible. AI can navigate underwater and change their depth based on the location of their waypoint (granted placing them underwater can be a bit of pain) and to cut down on insertion times teleport poles can be placed underwater and used without issue. AI also is able to spot and engage players. Reinforcements also work and are able to be called in using Achilles. Vanilla buildings such as cargo towers can be placed on the water or slightly submerged into it to act as oil rigs or waterborne observation posts. Cargo towers can also be entered without the need for advanced movement. The only major thing I can see stopping this would be the rules.

As it stands in Arma 3 there is only one gun ( the SDAR) that works underwater, which highly limits players in their selection capability as all vanilla guns do not work underwater. Modded weapons may be able to work but even those are probably rather limited in their usage and variety. So my question stands: From a rule perspective I would assume that an entirely underwater mission is NOT allowed as it restricts the player base too much in terms of equipment. That doesn’t mean that partial underwater missions would be impossible as they could simply be players moving around in wetsuits between locations to engage targets or objectives. Is my analysis of the rules correct on this matter?

Underwater missions are allowed, as a Zeus, you are not placing restrictions, the game is.