Feature request for the zeus server comm link

When implementing various specialized assets in Zeus missions (like mortars, tanks, and aircrafts) or when leading a large group, it is not uncommon for the comms both in game and in TeamSpeak to become cluttered. In the current configuration a large fireteam cannot split its members up effectively to clear a building or to pincer an enemy position. A squad leader cannot request a fire mission/air support directly. I would like to request the comm link feature, like the one seen on tanoa, were players can subscribe and unsubscribe to the channels relevant to what they are doing during the mission.
I would like to request a comm link feature, like the one seen on Tanoa, where players can subscribe and unsubscribe to the channels relevant to what they are doing during the mission.

+1, zeus comms can become very chaotic.

hey Joaol!
i see what you mean and why you would want to see such a thing in the zeus server, but i will tell you the three main reason why we will/can not make it happen at this time.

  • First, the system you see on Tanoa is very complex and not easy for me to implement in the Zeus server correctly. It is made by someone who knows what he is doing and I, as you know, am very new to developing in Arma3. It will take me a week to present something that might or might not work correctly.

  • Second, The time that will be spend on it is not worth it in my eyes. We have TeamSpeak for Command in special and normal team leads to communicate in and we have the in game group system. When Starting a mission, Structuring the teams and the communication between them is very impotent for this reason. Its not hard. You just have to do it right.
    Every thing from Mortar to Air to Tanks can be done with the system we have right now as we have done all of that before and it worked just fine.

  • Last, We try to work time to time and make a modded map and stuff like that to give a small change to the game and this also takes time. It is easier to do and makes a bigger change than a radio channel to be added. So i prefer to invest my time on something else.

Joining early and structuring the command when making a complex mission should fill this gab already.
I hope this explains why we can not make this happen for the near future.

It is the Zeus Job to make sure there is no Chaos in the channel. if he is clearly not managing to control it, an admin can step in.
The players also need to work together and try to not jam the comms so it will not effect others.

Understood, and thanks for the tips, keep up the great work on the zeus server @volcano.