Feature Request Form Separation from Bug Report


I was looking to try to suggest a new feature to be added to the Zeus server. After a bit of checking different dropdowns and forums I narrowed down the best place to file this request would be under general feedback, given the options of places to post. However, this didn’t seem like the correct place as feedback is usually given for what has already happened and the feeling brought from interacting with an already existing feature. The bug report has an option to select the type of report, where one of the options is to select a ‘feature request’. This seems counterintuitive to me as a user would only ever open the bug report application when they encountered an issue with a pre-existing feature, not when they wanted to submit a request for a new one.

So I’d like to suggest that there be a section all on its own for requesting features to cut down on confusion on where to submit requests. I’d think it best if its template was a combination of the mod request form and the bug report form. Use the bug report’s format minus the Type* and ‘Steps to reproduce’ sections. I’d highly suggest keeping the ‘severity’ section, however, rename it something like ‘Importance’ as severity has a negative connotation. From the mod request form, I’d suggest only using the fact that each request is made public on a forum, this may cut down on the number of repeat feature requests and allow the user to understand why, said the feature was not approved.

I do realize that this is a rather minor issue however I think the small change could increase the server’s ability to reflect the player’s desires. I also realize that features are not like mods which can be approved and instantly used as features require direct changes to the server and much longer to implement. Not to mention the possibility of bugs cropping up every time a change is made to the server. However, these issues do not out way the positives brought on by clearer communication between the administration and the community of NAK.

Just realized I posted this on the wrong server feedback forum.

The expectation is for players to leave feature requests in the server feedback forum. It was only included as an option in the bug report form as players were initially reporting issues that were not true bugs, documentation, or cosmetic issues, it was presented as a stop-gap for a required field. The bug report and mod request are routed tasks to the admin responsible, where feature requests, would not be handled by a single admin and therefore a form is not the correct choice. Also using a form does not allow public visibility and comment where the forums do.

If you have a feature request you can post them in the appropriate server feedback forum. We may choose not to respond to each server feedback post, but they are all read.

Makes sense to me once you put it that way.