Feedback for Exile Server ...

I really do enjoy the random missions and team based survival aspect of this server. So in hopes that it can become a lasting success, I wanted to give some initial QA feedback to help our server admin guys optimize the gameplay experience.

I played until 5AM this morning, at which point I left the game by waiting for the little countdown before clicking the disconnect. However, when I tried to log back in this morning, the game seemed to place my player in the game as incapacitated. Character is ragdoll, blurry surroundings, no movement available, no access to chat, no access to inventory, but strangely enough I can see the hunger and thirst counters still decrementing. Health toolbar at bottom of window shows 0. I tried to respawn, but it just creates another ragdoll of the character.Eventually after respawning around two or three times, I got an error " … unable to create character UID." I aborted to lobby, came back in to the same thing. I restarted ARMA 3, verified that I’m only running 3 MODS (Exile, Extended_Base, Enhanced Movement), came back in to the same thing. Issue definitely needs to be resolved before server is moved into production free play.

The performance issues encountered when trying to manipulate items is something that admins are already aware of. To me, most of the freezes seem to be transactional in origin, (Game sending a query/update to the DB, holding a thread until it gets a response from that query) and if I were looking at this from my professional capacity - I would definitely start evaluating possible database latency as a prime suspect. But I don’t want to step on any toes - and I have full confidence in our admins to get it sorted out, so I’ll just say that if I had been a purely unbiased vanilla player hitting the server for the first time - the issue was significant enough that, I probably would have jumped back in the server browser to find a different server. This needs to be addressed to give players a positive playing experience so they will continue to choose NAK in the launcher.

Outside of the aforementioned performance issues, I would also recommend that item pricing and locker storage space be re-evaluated. Storage locker limits seem pretty low 10,000. Locker has a balance of 100,000, but if you withdraw 10,000 and then try to deposit 10,000 it tells your limited to 10,000 so you can’t deposit the 10,000 that you just withdrew.

Hope that this server will be a success for NAK,

Thank you for the feedback. We are aware that we are not ready to go public with the server yet. This server has run for quite a while so we did not expect to have the issues we did. I am going to do a clean install on the server and see if we can find the cause of the issue.

Last night we ran two seperate missions, but because it used a shared database players kept their money and items. The first mission did not have the issue with the locker and money transfer, but it is something that we will keep in mind when moving forwarded. I think the locker should cap at 1 billion, I would hate to have players saving up money for a large item and have to carry it on them and end up losing it.

I did notice that at a certain point last night when we only had the four players on, I had great performance. Transfering items to my backpack was instantaneous (it did show up every 10th transfer or so) and most of the lag was gone. When we believe that most of the issues are fixed, we will send out a notice for another testing day.

I am hoping to have it done by next week. We will leave the server up, and may allow players to connect, they just need to keep in mind that it is not production ready until an official announcement is made.