FIR AWS(AirWeapon System) - Denied - Server Side

Date 10/06/2019
Name Oxide Swaym
Server All_Arma_Servers
Type Add
Name of Mod FIR AWS(AirWeapon System
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Workshop::FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem) eaponSystem%29
Reason to add or remove mod.
This mod is a targeting/locating computer for the pilots to use while in game. It could be a little difficult to use at times due to how it uses 8-digit and 10-digit mapping cordinates, but there’s also a mod for that and I know some people have the 8-digit cordinates mod as well. But this is mostly just a small sense of realism. But it functions like a regular map as well and you can switch it from GPS mode, to Targeting with your weapons, and there’s like 2 other modes you can use it for and it comes in real handy. Especially when a pilot tries to fly while looking at their map, they will have less of a risk because not only can they see their map, but they can also see what they’re flying at. I’ve tested it on EDEN EDITOR and I can say that as long as you learn how to use it, it works very well.

This is a server side and client side mod. NAK does not use server side mods.