Flying with Rank

Lately we have had large growth of new players which is totally great. The only downside is, these new players will fill the pilot role and jump into an aircraft and immediately wreck it either due to lack of experience or just wanting to waste assets. I am not one to typically complain but when it comes to trying to help complete the missions especially when infantry is requesting CAS or even CAP we need players who know what they are doing and will help avoid team killing. Also I completely understand hey sometimes it is hard to avoid those shikra’s missiles and we make mistakes sometimes but there is a line especially when we have dedicated pilots who do a great job of supporting the missions but have to wait for the cooldown. So without rambling on and on. Here is my proposal.

Players will receive the pilot title after any of the following are accomplished:

Players who have obtained the rank of SSGT would be able to fly
Players who are Nak elite of course are able to fly.
Players who are deemed worthy by an admin to fly who are below the rank of SSGT. (This way if we do get new players that are well experience and wanting to fly, this would be a great opportunity for them to have a say in the matter)

I have also received suggestions from other players on the matter which would include Players having to watch tutorials. Another great way would be either weekly or monthly testing sessions that could be run by admins or experienced pilots who volunteer to check off people who want to fly and in doing so, possibly another dedicated server or use the zeus server to test pilots or even help train people who are interested in flying so everyone has a chance but can do so without affecting one of the core servers.

Possible food for thought, players who volunteer to help train or test people to become pilots receive a title/badge of flight instructor on teamspeak just as an added bonus.

I hate to be the one that says something but other players have said the same.
Just so there is no confusion, SSGT would not be equivalent to Nak elite, it would only be to where SSGT’s or deemed pilots could enter the pilot slot. (edited)

Thank you for reading my post/suggestion and I hope that this will help further enhance the player experience of our beloved servers and we look forward to playing many and more hours of great fun with friends on NAK!!!


Hi. I do agree with Maines. But, either you’re Private or even Master Sergeant, it’s just a TS rank that you get it by being on TS, not actual flying. The way I see it we have 3 options:

  1. Do nothing and have a ton of new players with ranks from Private to Sergeant (you do rank very fast up to STG) and still be new to flying cause some people need thousands of hours to learn the basics. Communicate irrelevant information as pilots thinking that you’re role playing or actually giving good intel but you’re actually cutting everyone’s ability to talk. And having CAS do both jobs of CAS+CAP, cause most pilots (CAP/CAS) do not priorities on enemy jets than ground stuff.

  2. Not let new players fly and make them request that role or to get trained and so on, but most wont have the time or patient to wait for that like they dont have the patient to even be on TS. But it’s not like we’re in short supplies of pilots and the ones that loyally join atm are more than enough to stay and be trained.

  3. Come up with a new solution and one simple solution would be to have a few very experienced pilots as training pilots. And when those trainers are not on everyone is doing what they like, but when they do come ingame/TS its mandatory to listen and do as you’re told. Just like ATC by an admin. And for that to work that trainer needs total control of the TS channel, cause most of the time people go off-topic or think they’re giving good intel when its irrelevant to everyone or some players like to join the pilot room and forget that pilots have authority/priority. So basically, nothing is changing. Just 2-3 pilots that are good and mostly on to be trainers and when they’re on, they’re like ATC admins, have control over all jets while they’re flying and doing the mission and control over TS.

PS: 2 Training channels can be implemented in TS, for max 2 trainer pilots and 2 trainees. As the main channel is untouched by people teaching other pilots to fly. The 2 trainers have wont have to be in the main pilot channel acting like nak elite and be inisde their training channel if they have a trainee only. If the trainee is verified and validated to fly he can fly on his own (like i said they can fly on their own if the Trainers are non online). If they failed, they will be dropped and if no one is in line to be trained they can be trained again.

As for those pilots, i rarely see any decent pilots. USMarines is on non-stop and he can have this role in my opinion. Golden could do it if he wants to. But besides those two, i dont know anyone thats a decent pilot.


No one should be learning to fly on any of our servers. If a player is being shot down frequently it should be reported as wasting server assest and will be delt with

This is not something that we are going to do at this time. Four issues with your proposal. Just because a player is new does to our servers does not mean they are an inexperienced pilot. Second, this would turn players away from the server. Forcing them to play 161 hours on our server before they can fly will not help them gain experience as a pilot. Third, we do not have the admin manpower to enforce this type of rule. Lastly, we have rules in place to resolve the issue of players wasting assets, part of that rule states “NAK Servers are high population and are not suitable for LEARNING how to use air vehicles, please do this in the editor and come fly with us when you are ready”. The last report we received of a player wasting assets was on 11/27 and before that, it was on 11/19. From the evidence, it does not look to be that big of a problem.

If a player is wasting assets report it in-game, “Admin ‘PLAYERNAME’ is wasting assets”. You should do this even if there is an admin in TeamSpeak, it creates a record of the event that we can refer back to.

Ok. I started writing a lot and eventually It asked me my user and pass. So ill keep it short cause i almost destroyed my keyboard.

I tend to agree with what you said, but thats why I added the 3rd solution. They dont have to be admins, jsut experience pilots.

Thing is that besides marines, me and maybe one or two others that are quickly learning and almost skilled enough to be decent pilots, most pilots that play daily are super bad. Yes, bad because they’'re asking basic question how to operate a jet, what weapons should they use or specially when you see them using them the wrong way. CAS taking 20 or more minutes to clear vehicles in a fresh AO when it should take max 5min/CAS to do that. Being surrounded by CAP planes but ignoring the enemy jets. One goes for the Jet 2 ignore it, 1st one dies and so on until no more CAP and CAS has to save the day. But most do not use AA on their CAS, hoping for the best not preparing for the worst. And when CAP engages enemy jets in less than a few seconds the enemy is behind them and they dont know what to do and they’re going crazy over TS. And their failures has a negative feedback, more jets destroyed more cooldowns less pilots flying until no one is flying and the people on the ground are left with no air support or even helicopters waiting on the ground until someone gets those enemy jets. And it gets highly frustrating when you have to be in two AOs at the same time and also go engage enemy jets each 6-7min because you know 3 friendly CAP is not enough for one enemy jet.

This behaviour and events are starting to become more and more frequent each day and also starting to be normalised as the default skillcap on this server. One way to quickly acknowledge the problem is to look at the scoreboard and see their score/points deaths/ kills and see their true efficiency in that jet/role. And besides a very few, most have no clue what they’re doing. And they wont listen or simply ignore you when you call out an enemy jet, or not even have the decency to shut up about their off topic arguments while they hear someone calling important info on TS. Or think that if they’re saying some irrelevant information about what they’re doing is good information.

So it’s pretty hard to report and explain why each player is a bad pilot, and even if you could record on TS with OBS, admins would have to watch entire vids and actually themselves be good pilots to properly validate player pilot skill. And how do you define waiting assets, you need a standard for that. If this server had the worst pilots ever, the standard was flying a full 10min was good and everything under 1 min is kinda bad. But its hard to define that standard since most players now are utterly useless as pilots or their flight time is max 20-30min. While a few other decent pilots tend to fly for hours in the same jet.

And since somehow more and more new pilots come each day on TS< this is gonna get worse and worse and eventually that is gonna be the new standard on this server.

Thank you!

Hey, Thought I might just add my two cents if they have any value.

So, here’s an opinion from a bad pilot (Myself). As much as I believe the skill cap should be raised for piloting on this server I feel like limiting the entire use of jets to a select few of advanced skill would be quite a terrible decision. As Fox mentioned this is NOT a server to learn to fly on by any means however, I feel as if someone who like myself isn’t incredibly experienced should not be discouraged to fly as long as they are capable of keeping the jet in the air and doing there role even if they aren’t great at it. If it was limited to just the Ace pilots there would be no room for the average/bad pilots to improve at flying besides playing on another server which is discouraging and would possibly make people feel unwelcome in the Nak Community. Maybe if we were encouraged to possibly fly less demanding roles or potentially fly less valuable aircraft would be a better choice then to simply not allow people to fly.

We are not asking anyone to judge if they believe someone is a good pilot or not. Being a bad pilot in your opinion is not against the rules. If someone is wasting assets as defined by the rules “wasting server assets is the act of destroying/crashing vehicles due to a preventable circumstance. This includes repeated, crashing due to lack of knowledge on how to operate a vehicle, messing around with other players or ramming other vehicles.”, otherwise they are welcome to play as they wish. If you think someone is wasting assets as defined by the rules, then report it to an admin.

FYI a flight time of 20-30 minutes is more than acceptable. I think your bar is set WAY to high.

Shrimpy, besides you no said you’re bad. I thought the communication between us is quite good and many times we saved each other. You probably should know by now I tend to say what I think, and I never told you you’re bad or you did something wrong.

Lets start by saying that I consider myself a decent pilot, not an ACE. And as we all learn each day in arma, dosnt matter how many hours you got, most players started almost fresh with little or zero experience. Taking off in a jet and landing 6 times out of 10 is not “inexperienced” but still ok to fly. Even you Shrimpy are quite new, but you’re one of the very few that actually learned how to do OK quite fast. Most either too new, or too slow.
No one said limit the pilot slots to just a few, i suggested for some decent pilots to actually have the official capability to share their experience. Accelerating the learning curve of the new players, and make it a bit mandatory to actually listen and learn from more experience pilots when those pilots are on, and when not you fly like you still fly now.

This server is great because everyone can fly at any time with one rule, to be on TS and actually have a basic idea hwo to fly. Again, basic for most players is starting fresh.

VileAce, dont take this the wrong way. But my bar would be WAY too high if this was a PVP server, we’re doing PVE, things are relatively very easy and str8 forward. Flying 20-30 min is not a decent flight time. Sure it can happen, but doing it most of the time… basically half of the time in air half of the time waiting for the cooldown, if the guy actually has the decency to wait for his cooldown.

The rules are arbitrary based on the players skill. For me crashing jets each 20min is wasting assets, for someone else is doing OK. I’ve been playing quite a lot for more than a couple of months and it is my opinion and the opinion of others, that in this short time the pilot skill bar dropped. And that is because we have a lot of new players joining, witch is super great. That’s why I think ignoring this is not a good call.

Anyway, i wont bore you with my ideas anymore. I said what I thought about this issue and tried to make the base case possible. We’re here to share out feedback and hopefully you decide now or in the future what to do with it.

Thank you and please don’t take this personally, this criticism should make us all push ourselves more even more not be a sad emoji.