Fuel, Repair, and Ammo Containers for Huron and Mi-290 Taru

I’ve been looking around for a while, and only have seen the “Fuel” and “Transport benches” for Mi-290 Taru.
I believe that adding these containers would help out to the pilots, as they would not have to slingload the Ammo HEMMTs from the base, and would instead deploy a container which could be used. I believe that all of them would add variety, and would aid at the AOs, giving more stuff to do to the transport pilots.

Storage Containers Unmounted (all sling loadable):

  • Fuel: The Flexfuel Tank, Fuel Bladders,The Huron Fuel Container, and The Taru Fuel Pod all automatically refill vehicles when they’re parked next to them. You can order AI to refuel at any nearby fuel station.

  • Repair: The Huron Repair Container and The Taru Repair Pod provide automatic repairing services to damaged vehicles when they’re parked next to them. You can order AI to repair at any nearby reparing station.

  • Medical: The Huron Medical Container and The Taru Medical Pod act as stationary medics, providing full medical treatment to anyone who activates them via the action menu. AI can also be ordered to heal at any medical station. The Taru Medical Pod also acts as a 4 man vehicle, providing 4 more seats to the Mi-290 Taru when sling loaded.

  • Ammo: The Huron Ammo Container and the Taru Ammo Pod provide rearming capabilities to vehicles when parked next to them. AI can be ordered to rearm at any nearby ammo station.

  • Cargo: The Huron Cargo Container, The Taru Cargo Pod, and the factioned and neutral cargo net boxes act as sling loadable ammo containers that can be set to either standard containers or virtual arsenals. AI can only rearm at non virtual arsenal containers. (the cargo net barrels have no funtion other than being sling loadable.)

Ammo and transport taru pods are avialable at fixed wing hq and fuel and ammo huron pods are avaulable on the carrier.

I am well aware of that, and even though I do believe I’ve stated it in the beginning, I was somewhat more interested in the repair variant, which for now is not an option, and in my opinion should be available as we already have in place a script that allows to repair some of the damage. I don’t really see how that would be an issue, and would affect in any way the performance or the way of the game, it would just give pilots more freedom (Transport pilots mostly) to when it comes to deliveries. Now all the transport pilots are doing is heavy lifts and some Ammo HEMTT transports, when it comes to the pods which you mentioned at the carrier:

I either missed it, or it’s not there, I am well aware of the fuel container (As I stated in the beginning) but still think that there should be an ammo container (To avoid the empty vehicle glitch, where if you’re transporting an empty vehicle (not applied to UAVs), it’ll stay floating untill someone gets in it, as well as the other containers which I initially stated.

Now, I obviously appreciate the feedback and just try to improve the server through small details, as that’s what makes the difference.