Fun Zeus Ideas and Discussion

Been having an absolute blast with the NAK implementation of the public Zeus server, both Zeusing and playing. I have a lot of old ops I never got to run due to lack of attendance but that hasn’t been an issue so far on the NAK Zeus server so heck ima try and get some of these ideas going on the server! I’m going to put a bulleted list below with some brief notes on the ideas and I ask that anyone interested in Zeusing/Zeus gameplay have a discussion here to work out kinks, share ideas, and start the creative process to try and come away with a February full of fantastic Zeus missions!

  • Firstly is a HALO insertion via Blackfish under darkness to use the research base just east of the main airfield on Altis. I have used that location for everything from a PETA raid on a cosmetic research company to a rescue mission turned zombie op and I would like to once again use it in some nice Airborne SpecOps type stuff.

  • Stratis has some nice dilapidated military installations if I’m correctly remembering the ArmA 3 campaign… a mission where a small squad is forced to flee the island during the hours of sundown/dusk evading enemy air and ground patrols that are partially comprised of a couple of player-controlled units that are volunteering to be used as setpieces, (not playing to win but more like acting for a movie). This could be a fun reimagining of the Drawdown 2035 campaign opening act with a that Zeus magic.

  • We all love tanks. Its rare you see nearly pure armor on armor action in a Zeus mission as Arma truly shines with combined arms. However, a plethora of AI and player tanks thundering across the salt flats to engage a CSAT FOB and clashing head-on with enemy MBTs and only to have their brief victory interrupted by a wing of aircraft striking their vehicles out of commission, only to be barely saved by friendly CAP. They now have to transition to infantry combat against the broken but regathering CSAT forces on Altis as they fight on foot to retreat to a suitable exfil at the northeast airstrip.

  • One of my earliest and fondest videogame or even entertainment memories is playing Halo combat evolved, specifically the warthog segment of the second mission. An air convoy of transport and heavy lift goes down to HMG fire (Zeus would lower health on helo manually or natural HMG fire, just make sure it doesn’t explode and pilots are briefed to release the vehicles as soon as they start to go down.) Infantry would then mount the vehicles from the downed helos and eliminate the HMG threat and coordinate an effective counter-attack on the enemy FOB. (“New traffic on the Covenant battlenet…a lot more crew made it off the Autumn than I had predicted—the Captain really gave them hell! If we can find Captain Keyes and other survivors, we have a chance to coordinate an effective resistance.” - Cortana)

  • an assault on a CSAT staging area to capture an enemy Xian transport and proper radio clearance codes. Using the aircraft and the codes the troops would perform a HALO aquatic assault on a hostile submarine, planting charges on the outside of its hull and dealing with CSAT SDVs and boats and helos. Speed would be the key here. The other option would be to heavy lift a few SDVs with ghosthawks and flying beneath CSAT radar drop the SDVs danger close to the sub which would be preparing to launch nuclear munitions onto NATO Military positions across Malden/Altis/Stratis.

  • this one’s an odd one but I’ve Zeused it before and it was a big hit - Kavala PD! It’s a lot like it sounds and the idea is to have semi militarised police units patrolling Kavala. Occasionally Dispatch (Zeuses) will place objective markers and call a 10 - Code dispatch and the units will respond. It can lead to really interesting things like terror plots, mass shootings, hostage situations, mental and suspicious persons cases, and even Cultist Violence. The police pursuits can get really fun as well. These went best when we had a few veteran zeuses play as civis and/or criminals in the AO. I’ve done it another way that’s reminiscent of the aftermath of Iraqi Freedom where marine units were tasked with municipal duties of everything from sorting mail to performing SWAT actions all the while fighting a guerrilla force of radical terrorists.

There are endless ideas for Zeus missions and these were some that I remember doing before and a couple of new ones. Unfortunately, not all ideas will work due to the mod and DLC policy on the server but that is both understandable and completely okay. Lookin forward to discussing this with y’all :smiley:

“Fob Day” - find a suitable position , create basic fob with no defences available, 100% empty apart from structures, require players, leads and command to coordinate the beginning logistical problems ie (setting up hard point defences. Hmg. Gmg. Motor. Manpads. Radar installations etc etc
2nd phase Is keeping an open supply line keeping patrols active, responding to local threats and requests.
Attacks on fob, upgrading arsenal and expanding area of influence
Phase three. Ultimately assaulting heavily defended opfor base ,
Ending the mission after an eventful day

Here I’ll describe the purpose of each phase

Phase one is meant to be an exercise in communication punctuality and problem solving. as well as training people inexperienced with multiple arms and kid features such as setting up a static defence or loading a vehicle , or mapreading and taking specific orders

Phase 2 is meant to allow more players acess to fire team lead positions and an opportunity to practice leading and commanding. As well as for all players to practice spatial awareness and general combat practice
It is an exercise for command aswell weather it be some one new or old to expose them to a massive variety of different situations on a smaller faster scale
How best to utilize equipment and persons. What objectives to tackle what to ignore etc

Ideal “trainings”
9 line support calls
Mortar training
Armor crew training
Cas and cap training
Buddy training
Proper team spacing and movement
Communication discipline
Command experience in a small scale environment
Handling civilians?

Phase three putting the practices learned through the mission to use and giving players an opportunity to put to use the new skills they have learned in a larger scale op

Clarification this would ideally be “persistant” op taking multiple hours where people will not be able to be there the whole time so staff would be switching out and would require restructuring further giving more people opportunity to train what they like (in leaning towards fireteam lead experience) and will also teach people new to command or be good practice for those old to it restructure and take over a situation at what ever point it occurs

Overall it would really be more of a large scale training exercise for players new and old to this style of mil sim clan level operations as well as an opportunity to find skilled people and possibly gauge interest into resuming clan activities

If there is any interest I would be glad to speak at length on any topic as well as personally see through the whole mission as a Zeus

Mentioning that I also forgot to mention this would be a good opportunity for multiple people to play zeus and get more people active on zeusing

Ps sorry if this was a hijacking. I figured this topic was an appropriate place to post this

I’m also in love with the pd idea would would 100% be all over that