Getting a mod banned notice

I have checked all of the allowed mod lists and can not see which mods that I am running that are banned. This is a list of the mods that I have:

Blastcore Edited (standalone Version)
JSRS Sound mod
Cup Weapons
Cup units
CUP Vehicles
Enhanced Movement
GC No Recoil, No Weapon Sway

PS all but the ACE3 is on the allowed list and I have tried to remove ACE 3 and am still unable to get on the server

ACE 3 is not allowed.
CUP Vehicles are not allowed.
GC No Recoil, No Weapon Sway is pointless, within the player menu settings you can adjust the amount of recoil and sway up to your desired setting.

As a note, and something to keep in mind: Any mod not specifically listed below in the Approved Mods section is restricted.