Ground Vehicle Addition Inquiry

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

I was looking to start an inquiry into the addition of an artillery unit back into the ground vehicle arsenal.


Vehicle: M4 Scorcher

Reason: To provide additional mission support to both ground and air assets, while utilizing team based communication and coordination in order to complete mission tasking in any and all areas of operation.

Special Parameters:

  1. The M4 Scorcher will be immobilized within a designated location, as to ensure that it may not be relocated and abused.
  2. The Artillery Operator will be required to be on TeamSpeak while operating the artillery unit. This may be added as a new slot on the server.
  3. A Forward Observer will be required any time an individual wishing to operate the artillery unit is on the server. This individual will also be required to be on TeamSpeak. This may be added as a new slot on the server as well.
    3a. As an incentive for improving player conduct on the server, an additional privilege may be added to the NAK Elite unit allowing its’ members to forward observe for the Artillery Operator without having to take up the Forward Observer slot.
  4. The Artillery Operator may ONLY fire on the marks or laser designated target painted by the Forward Observer.
  5. The M4 Scorcher munitions arsenal may be limited to specific round types. For example, the AP/AT Mine and Cluster munitions may be removed to remove the chance of these round types being abused.

I look forward to the community’s feedback and ultimately I hope to have the opportunity to see this inquiry come to fruition!

Very Respectfully,

Personally I’m a Pilot myself but it would be interesting to have Proper base artillery back in the fold. I think I would add another option for the guys on the ground to ask for if they need the support. I think if we monotize or as you said limit the movement of it, it would prevent players from just running off with it but it I do agree with them having to be in Teamspeak. Miscommunication and Misidentification is in my opinion two of the most common reasons for accidentally killing. I also do agree with the removal of the cluster rounds to prevent intentional Teamkilling in general if a team killer was to hop in it with that intention. Overall it would be a nice and welcome addition in my opinion as long as it’s monetized correctly.

Sounds like fun. Let me know when it needs “testing” :wink:

Even mortar artillery gets abused often with people using infinite ammo to wreck an AO / friendly fire / level a town etc. I would love the addition but this would take some additional coding from claws to make it more fair. We could certainly discuss parameters like yours as well as what has worked on our tanoa server. On the tanoa server we have artillery but it has limited ammunition PER AO which I think is really cool. At the moment only the FSG gunner slot in the altis server has access to the artillery computer which is a good thing in my opinion.

Definitely do-able but as I said we’d need to define parameters and it may take extra administration.

An idea for that golden, maybe that for each side obj completed it gains a few rounds, and ammo trucks and re-armed are disabled on the vic.

I really enjoy that aspect actually. A couple of friends and I had to work out a system to coordinate fire with one guy using the computer and relaying the information to other guys using the standard aiming device. We actually got pretty good at it with the FSG and two additional mortar gunners coordinating with a FO. We always wanted to be able to do something similar with the full size arty because 9 times out of 10, by the time we could get somewhere and get setup, the fight would be mostly over.

There is another I&A server that has the Sochar or the Missile artillery system, and the way they avoid the abuse is by limiting the ammo per AO - i think it is like 10 rounds per main AO. Years back, NAK had the M4, then it was removed. if i recall correctly it had even cluster munitions. i would say let it have a bunch of smoke rounds, yet the aimbotting AI can see right thru smoke… :slight_smile: