[Guide] Achilles Modules

Hello everyone, this is a guide that will go through almost all of the modules that can be found with the Achilles mod when Zeusing. I will go through each category and will give a description of what each module does. The categories will be listed from top to bottom.

This guide took me a couple of days to write, so feedback is much appreciated, let me know if I helped you out or if there is any additions you think I should add!

ACE Medical

Heal: Fully heals any injured player or AI

Injury: Allows Zeus to cause any type of ACE injury on a player or AI, meaning it will let Zeus create wounds in any part of the body and allow Zeus to choose the severity of them.

AI Behaviour

Ambient Animation: Allows Zeus to make a unit perform an ambient animation, such as: shielding from sun, leaning on a wall, repairing vehicles and many more. It will also allow Zeus to choose if that unit is combat ready, meaning that if “Combat Ready” is selected to false, the unit will not stop performing the animation if it starts to get engaged by enemies, but it it is set to true, it will stop the animation and engage back.

Change Abilities: Allows Zeus to change a units abilities, adding or removing specific abilities, such as: Autocombat, Cover, Mine detection, etc.

Change Altitude: Gives Zeus the ability to change a unit’s altitude. Useful for when AI is flying.

Chatter: Allows Zeus to write a message as if it were the selected unit through game chat.

Garrison Building (Instant): Gives Zeus the ability to automatically position / distribute units in a building/s. Allows Zeus to select the radius of garrison, if the buildings should be filled evenly and if they garrison inside of the building only.

Have a seat: Allows Zeus to select a chair in which a unit will sit on. To use this module you first have to select a chair, and then select a unit and press enter.

Patrol / Loiter: Allows Zeus to make a unit or group walk around in circles patrolling. The radius of the patrol can be adjusted, as well as the group’s behavior, direction and set a delay at waypoint. Works for infantry, ground vehicles and aircraft.

Search and Garrison Building: Gives Zeus the ability to make a group or unit search around the nearest building for targets and will then garrison the building and remain in the building they searched.

Search Building: Gives Zeus the ability to make a group or unit search around the nearest building looking for targets and after the building has been cleared, the units will exit the building.

Set Suicide Bomber: Turns a unit into a suicide bomber. The unit will explode once it is at the activation distance, which can be set up by Zeus. Allows Zeus to select the size of the explosion, effect of the explosion patrol radius and activation distance, as well as if the selected unit will wear a visible vest or not. It will also allow Zeus to choose at which side will the unit look for and detonate once it is inside the radius.

Surrender Unit: Will make any unit selected by Zeus surrender and get tied, as well as adding a surrender animation. This unit will not be able to fire back, fight or move.

Ungarrison: Makes a unit / group leave the current building if they have been set to garrison that building earlier.

Arsenal (Non ACE)

Add full arsenal: Adds every weapon and all equipment to the arsenal.

Copy to clipboard: Will print out code onto Zeus screen with the current arsenal configuration, that can be copied to then load it into another arsenal with the paste inventory module.

Create Custom: Gives Zeus the ability to create a custom arsenal, letting Zeus choose what type of objects there can be inside, such as thermals, UAV’s, etc.

Paste Arsenal: Allows Zeus to import an arsenal by pasting code obtained through modules such as “Copy to clipboard”

Remove Arsenal: Completely removes an existing arsenal from an object.


Damage Buildings: Allows Zeus to damage buildings. The buildings can be damaged by range or the nearest ones to where the module is placed. The distribution and severity of the damage can be selected.

Lock doors: Locks the building’s doors. The range can be adjusted by nearest ones or by range. Zeus can also choose if the doors can be breached by explosives or not.

Toggle lamps: Allows Zeus to switch lamps off or make them turn off automatically. The lamps affected are selected by range from the module.

I am going to skip the Development Tools section because it is too complicated to explain in this post, I may make a post about it in the future and if I do this post will be edited and it will be linked


Advanced Weather Change: Gives Zeus a wide variety of options to modify the current weather. It adds features such as changing the windspeed, wind direction, rain, fog and more. It also offers an option for smooth transition that takes over hours

Set date: Allows Zeus to select the date of the ongoing map, allowing to change abilities such as day, month year and time of the day.


Add NVD/Tactical Light/IR: Gives Zeus the ability to add night vision goggles/thermals to a unit / group or player, as well as a flashlight or laser to their weapon.

Add/Remove Turret Optics: Gives Zeus the ability to add or remove thermals / night vision from a turret such as an HMG or a vehicle.

Add/Detach effect: Allows Zeus to attach a light / IR strobe to a unit or group.

Toggle Tactical Light / IR Laser: Turns on / off a unit or group’s laser or weapon light.

Fire Support

Advanced CAS: Only works with attack helicopters. This module will allow an attack helicopter to attack a location designated with the “Create Target” module, and allows Zeus to choose with what round will the helicopter attack with, as well as allow Zeus to select what designated target to attack.

Artillery Fire mission:This module allows Zeus to make an advanced artillery strike, with options such as the number of rounds, the type of ammo, precision and target.

Create Target: This module allows Zeus to place a target that can be used for the Advanced CAS, Artillery Fire Mission and Suppresive Fire modules. This module will designate a target wherever its placed that can later be selected through the previously mentioned modules.

Supressive Fire: This module allows Zeus to select a unit or group to create supressive fire on a target marked by the “Create Target” module. It allows Zeus to configure the attack with options such as stance, fire mode, weapon to fire, line up and duration.


Attach To: Welds an object to another object together. (example: allows Zeus to attach a computer to a desk) To use this module you first have to select an object, and then select another object and press enter.

Change height: Changes the height at which any object is at.

Create IED: Creates an IED out of any object. It gives Zeus a wide variety of customization options, that include: explosion size, lethality, ability to be disarmed, activation type, side and if it can be jammed.

Enable/Disable Simulation: Gives Zeus the ability to toggle the simulation of a unit. For example, if the simulation of a plane is disabled, it will float in the air with its engines “off”. A common practice is to disable the simulation before you attach objects and re-enable it afterwards. Also useful for small objects like laptops that are subjected to gravity otherwise.

Equip with IED jammer: Allows Zeus to attach an IED jammer to a vehicle. The vehicle with the attached IED jammer will disable any planted IED’s, as long as the IED’s have been set to be able to be jammed by Zeus when placed.

Hide Objects: Makes any object invisible

Make invincible: Makes any object immune to any type of damage. Good for making buildings resistant to explosions.

Rotate Objects: Gives Zeus the ability to rotate any object across the X(Roll}, Y(Pitch) and Z(Yaw) axis.


Change side of player: Gives Zeus the ability to change a players side. For example, change a player from BLUFOR to Civilian.

Create Teleporter: Creates a flagpole teleporter. Two flagpole teleporters need to be placed for them to be able to work. Players will be able to use the scroll wheel on the flag poles and choose their teleport location, to wherever the other flagpoles are placed at.

Set Radio Frequencies: Allows Zeus to change a players LR radio and SR radio TFAR frequencies.

Teleport: Gives Zeus a wide variety of teleportation options. Zeus will be able to teleport players by: Specific player, side, selection, group, Zeus and all. Also includes additional options, such as teleporting the vehicle the players are in and teleporting them so they parachute down with the HALO option.


Create new LZ: Creates a landing zone to later designate where the “Supply Drop” and “Spawn Units” module will be used at.

Create new RP: Creates a respawn point to designate where the “Supply Drop” and “Spawn Units” modules will be used at.

Spawn Units: Gives Zeus the ability to spawn units on the previously designated respawn point with the “Create new RP” module. It will also give Zeus the ability to spawn in a vehicle. The spawned units will move to the designated LZ together in a vehicle. The vehicle will deploy the group at the LZ from where they will walk to the RP.

Supply Drop: Allows Zeus to spawn a helicopter that will carry a supply drop to the designated LZ. The helicopter can be chosen and will spawn at the designated RP. The supply drop can be customized with many options.

Scenario Flow

Change Side Relations: Allows Zeus to change the relations between sides, combat-wise. Meaning, for example, that Zeus can make OPFOR netural with BLUFOR.

Create/Edit intel: Allows Zeus to add locatable intel for players to objects / units. Zeus can place intel on a unit / object and write their custom message, but the intel will only be showed to players once they interact with the unit or object via the action menu.


Advanced Composition: Allows Zeus to spawn in a previously saved composition from the “Advanced Composition” module under the development tools

Mines/Explosives: Gives Zeus the ability to create a minefield or spawn an explosive device. When creating minefields, Zeus is given different options, such as the type of explosive used, number of mines, radius and if warning signs should be displayed warning players of nearby mines.

Spawn Effect: Gives Zeus the ability to create an effect at a designated area, such as smoke, flares, chem lights, etc.

Submarine: Gives Zeus to spawn a submarine at a designated location.

Trawler: Gives Zeus the ability to spawn a Trawler ship at a designated location.

USS Freedom: Gives Zeus the ability to spawn a USS Freedom Carrier at a designated location.

USS Liberty: Gives Zeus the ability to spawn a USS Liberty Destroyer at a designated position.


Add/Remove editable objects: Gives Zeus the ability to add previously placed objects to the Zeus interface, such as buildings, etc.

Hint: Gives players a box popup on their screen with a message written by Zeus

Switch Unit: Gives Zeus the ability to remote control a unit.