Hacker on Nak#1 ?

Hello guys,

I was playing just now (10/7/19 8:55 PM EST) and, as it happened a couple of day ago as well, a so called Hacker was on the server killing everybody by just blowing everything up from nowhere, respawn after respawn.

What can anyone say or confirm about this ?

Is unfortunate that this happens in our servers, we should implement security if needed.

Feedback on this please.


In these cases I try to be careful with what I disclose in regards to our information and security regarding what we know and don’t know, and what we are doing. If you encounter one and there is no admin online, please report their name and/or what they are doing to aid us in fighting these guys.

Awesome, very good guys !!!
‘Wilco’ …


You don’t have to use the forums precisely for that, the messages containing “Admin” will notify the admins even if they are not around at the time. For that you only have to use Side-Chat, and write the issue, as an example: “Admin, X=(Name of the player) is exploiting, blowing up tanks, ETC.” Or even if there is a rulebreaker = “Admin, X is killing everyone at the airfield”