Helicopters not flying it? DROP IT!

Lets say you’ve promised the infantry a vehicle resupply, perhaps their previous vehicle ran onto a mine or shot with an explosive, or simply just it got Armaed. Now you could use the cargo system to pick up the vehicle and fly it over have it land and drop it and fly back OR you could make it WAY easier on yourself.

Simply spawn a helicopter. Click it and drag into while holding the alt key and release it, this will cause the helicopter to automatically begin spinning its blades and hovering. Next, simply spawn the empty vehicle under somewhere NOT directly underneath the helo. Select both of them and drag them to where ever the vehicle needs to be dropped and hold alt to raise the altitude. Let go and and bam! Instant Helicopter resupply of vehicles as it slowly falls to earth via parachute. This mainly here for immersion as a vehicle spawning out of nowhere doesn’t make sense and at least you can say the helicopter was too high up so the players couldn’t hear it approach till it was ontop of them.

Be advised due to how ALT raises the vehicles they will be placed on the same altitude so when released to make the vehicle is off-center of the helo so that its parachute doesn’t mess with the helo blades