Help with lag?

I know it’s on my end, thought maybe someone would have some idea of the cause. It’s a recent development with no changes in hardware. It nearly completely freezes up when entering and exiting vehicles. I’ll fire at an enemy tank that’s static, then after the first round it starts moving, for a second or two when it first starts moving I lock up. When scoped in looking around foliage will disappear and reappear during times when its chugging hard. The only thing I can think of is maybe my video driver updated? idk what else can be causing it? My ram and cpu aren’t maxed out so its not that… Nothing changed on my end, not my settings or hardware or internet or anything. I’m at a loss.

There are many things at play here, first is to remove all mods and see if it still happens. If it does it could be graphic drivers, audio driver or peripheral drivers.

I used to use a 3rd part audio tool, that causes horrible lag, at times, when I moved the mouse. Will looking into my issue, I thought it was my mouse driver, Logitech G502, there were recommendations from other Arma players about lowering the mouse polling rate.

It could also be a fragmented hard drive, depending on the type of HDD you use. Last with monthly updates for Windows 10, it could be some incompatibility.

Start with mods, then updating drivers, then removing any non critical background apps, then check your HDD, then check Windows. When I am trying to find out more about what apps and processes are running and the amount of system resources they are using I use Process Explorer - it will give you a lot of information - Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

Hello Spuds,

I’m not sure if this will help you but my lag happens when I open the browser in the background which will take the RAM performers from my computer.
you can check if your computer has something running in the background without your knowledge!
just open the task manager and watch what’s taking the most.
if it’s just arma, I’m not sure maybe the fan of the computer has slowed down which will make the processer run slower!
if all above is not the problem, I apologize. this is what makes the problems for me

I got process hacker so I can suspend windows processes you normally can’t kill. As for system resources, not even arma is using it all. it chills around 80% of ram and 60% of cpu. I am using a razer mouse tho which has its own software and drivers and such so that’s a possibility. My mods haven’t changed, not to say that it still couldn’t be the issue since any one of them could have updated without my knowledge so I’ll probably start there. As for hdd I’m using an SSD so fragmentation shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll have to snag a fan control application for the fan speeds.

If it is using 80% of your RAM you are running critically low of RAM. Windows 10 will not allow you to use 100%. Increase the size of your virtual memory, but make sure that it is using 100% defragmented space. You can find guides online on how to do that. You virtual memory should be at least 16gig if not more, mine is 32gig, but I run video processing tools while running Arma.

Process Explorer will tell you exactly with of your programs is using which resources, in much more detail than most other tools.

When you are getting the most lag, make sure system interrupts is not taking more that around 1% of your CPU. If it is more that that 5 - 10 % it is a driver issue.

It’s got 10gb I set up on the same ssd. Set size mine you, not dynamic. It’s windows thats choosing to use the 80% in physical ram vs the pagefile.

Good choice making it not dynamic, forgot to mention that.