HEMTT Anti-Air - Restricted



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HEMTT Anti-Air

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Good Morning! A bit of a reach on this one, but I wanted to throw this out there. It’s an anti-air model HEMTT, utilizing a CWIS attached to the back of the flatbed. This modification is a composition, so it is completely modifiable to allow for parameters to be set and adjusted as needed. For example, the amount of ammunition, accuracy and range on the weapon system may be adjusted to allow fairness with this vehicle. I’m just throwing a request up for this, since there is a limited number of AA vehicles currently offered on the Altis server that may be driven or transported to help with mission support within Main AO’s and side objectives. This could be offered as a rare reward for completing a mission or objective and is only offered on a HEMTT, which could easily be defeated by most enemy AI units if not utilized properly by its’ operator.

Restricted - No vehicle mods