How can I fix the Batteleye script restrictions?

So I have a problem.I already told it some of the admins i think two of them.
I am getting kicked for Batteleye script restriction #31 or #2 or #3 always different numbers.Is there any way to fix it or will it ever stop kicking me?

You are using a mod not allowed on the server. There is no way for us to tell exactly which mod, because restrictions ban what a mod does not the actual mod.

Go through our mod list only mods specifically allowed are to be used on the server. If you would like to use a mod that is not on the list submit a mod request

I get tons of em as well. Or client timed out. Battleye suggestions don’t work. My connection to the internet is impecible with 300 MBps down 20 up 1.5 jitter no packet loss running ONLY the mods listed on the approved page. Today its script restriction #32 lol Altis server mind you, i don’t have those issues on the exile server.

It is a mod tho, i just joined with NONE and it let me in. Now im going to add them back one by one till i figure out which one lol. Will report back as I am only using mods from the approved list.

Found it, ArmA3 adjustable full screen night vision.

Thank you

np, a problem remains a problem until someone does the leg work to fix it.

I just want to reply here so, if someone searches the forum in the future regarding script restrictions, this comes up.

To be clear script restrictions and “client timed out” are separate issues, with separate solutions. Next, script restrictions are different between servers and the same restriction on one server most likely will be different on another. Third Exile and Zeus (when it is running) are very different from our Invade and Annex servers and we handle the allowing of mods on those servers differently from an administrative standpoint.

Hopefully the following summary will help clear up what script restrictions are and what it means when you, as a users, get a script restriction. The following only applies to NAK Squad Invade and Annex servers.

Very few servers allow such a broad use of mods as NAK Squad does on our Invade and Annex servers. To restrict players from using mods that we do not want allowed, such as overpowered weapons or jet packs, we create script restrictions. 99% of the time if you get a script restriction when connecting to the server or when you perform an action, it is related to a mod you are using, that we have selected to restrict. When a script restriction is created we do not restrict a mod by name, or key, we restrict what a mod does. With over 9000 mods on Steam Workshop alone and new mods being released daily, it would be nearly impossible to restrict mods by name. By restricting what a mod does, one restriction will very often restrict multiple mods. Because of this, it is difficult to impossible, to tell you which mod specifically is triggering a restriction. The steps listed within the topic, are the best way to find the mod causing the restriction. It very often is a simple process of elimination.

The number that is associated with a script restriction is the line number, in the file, that maintains the restrictions. As we add new restrictions the numbering will change. The restriction that caused “script restriction #50” today could be “script restriction #63” tomorrow. Though we try to keep the restrictions between the servers similar, for convenience, for each server the numbering may be different.

We have created a list of approved and restricted mods to help players know which mods they can use and which to avoid. Only mods, listed as approved, on the list are officially allowed. If you use a mod, that is not listed as allowed , and you would like it to be allowed, you can submit a mod request form. Once submitted the mod is reviewed and either added as an allowed or restricted mod. If the mod is restricted a new restriction will be added to the script restriction file.

Mods can be restricted for many reasons. The most common reason is a similar item does not exist in vanilla Arma. We do not want players that use mods to have an unfair advantage over players that do not. The second most common reason a mod is restricted is the use of the mod affects the servers performance. Even though all the mods that we allow are client side mods, some client side mods negatively impact the servers performance.

For general information this is what a script restriction looks like - 5 “vehicle player setdamage 1;” the 5 means the player will be kicked if the restriction is violated. the “vehicle player setdamage 1;” means any mod that tries to kill a player will trigger the restriction.

I hope this helps to clear up what script restrictions are and what they mean to you as a player. If anyone has questions feel free to ask.