Hummingbird spawn at main base

Could we ever get an MH-9 spawn at main base. Reason I ask is because there’s a spawn for every other helicopter at main base except for it. Minus the Pawnee, which is attack, and the Kajman, which is also attack. There are plenty of attack helicopters available at main base, that is why I’m not including those. I’m just thinking transport. Yes, I understand there are transport birds available at main base as well, but instead of tying up a full sized ghost hawk or Huron to exfil a downed pilot or a small group from a side mission, it would be helpful to have a smaller bird there to do that. As it stands now you have to fly all the way from the carrier and by that time most have forced respawn because of the time it takes. Just a thought

I would have to ask the same it would be nice to swap the Un-armed Herron and the Armed version as well. I don’t see why we cant have both the Humming Bird and Pawnee at Main AB as they are very east to shoot down and have zero countermeasures. I feel like these are a favorite amongst some but rarely gets used because it swaps so far away.

An update for the mission is coming up in a month or two, I’ll see if we can fit smaller choppers somewhere in helicopters spawn.

Much appreciated Moon. I know there’s some room near the southwest side of rotary where they could potentially be put.

Any chance of this still happening?

Do you have the list of all the missing vehicle ?