i doubt it anybody will help but here goes nothing

I was wondering if anybody in the NAK community could help out, or if I’m lucky the coders themselves. But I was wanting to create a single player invade and annex on a custom map. And having it change areas and what not after completion and of course having respawn and if possible HALO jumps. Please help out If you can. (By the way I have no experience with mission making) If you really want to help out friend me on steam and shoot me a message – floodkiller52 or floodkiller152 cant remember but its one of the two.

If you have no coding experience, I would look at using Alive (http://alivemod.com/). Most of the mission can be made using modules in the editor. If you insist on using Invade and Annex the documentation can be found on their website (http://ia3.ahoyworld.co.uk/). If you have specific coding questions you are free to post them, but it is best to learn Arma coding by looking at examples of other people’s work. You can find many sample scripts on Armaholic (http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma3_files_editing_scripts) and via the Bohemia Interactive forums (ARMA 3 - EDITING - Bohemia Interactive Forums)