I feel like....

I feel like the mods list should be more comprehensive, I understand however that this is not a simple task. Having said that “I volunteer as tribute” I go on the workshop at least 3 times a week and peruse the new and old stuff. I appreciate the work that is already done in this aspect, Just figured I’d put it out there. If given the opportunity I would catalog the mods on the workshop with a full description and submit them for review en masse. And if you decide to trust my judgment I would then approve or deny.

Ther is no way to have a user directly add items, the core mission code needs to be changed for many of the mods. Any user can request a mod be added to the list using the Mod Request form https://www.naksquad.net/mod_request/ that mod is reviewed and either added or removed.

You are welcome to submit a mod request for any mods you find that should be allowed.