I found a new project for Bandit



:o :shock: :o

Oh don’t you tempt me. I’m finishing the basement and bought an executive desk for a whole home office setup. Much more to come on this new computer after I break 600hp on the SRT!

The people demand a full functioning cockpit before real life stuff :slight_smile:

I really want to know how long it took that guy to map all that stuff… and I thought mapping my T.Flight hotas was rough… lol

That’s a few weeks at least lol. I would be finding the most ergonomic setup and learning what keys I just binded and double binded to everything lmao. I do want a setup like that eventually though and it’s on my wish list after my other projects which seem to never stop.

This guy has a better simulator than the ones I used to actually learn to fly. A-10 set-up aside, his irl to virtual ratio is insane!

I’m going a little more in depth with triple monitor running on an i7-9700k with a GTX 2060 Super 8GB and adding Track IR 5, Logitech X52 Joystick, and Logitech Pedals for now. Mounts for those are being custom made! In the works, I’ll be sure to post pictures as it goes along