IFR Approaches for Altis

For the ultra-nerdy pilots out there who play ARMA3, you’ll know what an IFR approach plate is. Approach plate - Wikipedia

I took the time to build the attached approach plate for the ILS to runway 04R at the main airfield on Altis. This chart is reasonably accurate, and is a fun way to practice flying when the fog is really thick and you need to land. Don’t forget, you need to have your landing gear down in order to see the horizontal and vertical guidance bars in the ARMA jets. Those guidance bars are the signal that the landing autopilot uses to guide the aircraft to the runway. However, with some practice you can do it all yourself, even in the dark or in the fog!

I’ve already done a Zeus mission that uses this chart. I think I’ll put another one together to challenge all those jet pilots who hang out on the Altis server with something new and different.
Approach Plate - ILS 4R.pdf (302 KB)