I am aware a bunch of people probably know this already, but for me it was a revelation! Imagine coming to work in that! :sunglasses:

Apparently Ifrit model was based on Falcatus’ truck, nicknamed ‘The Punisher’

check it out:

The Punisher


Ifrit video for comparison:


Well, I’ll be damned!

Pretty much every vehicle, bar some exceptions like the VTOL’s, are real. The T100 Varsuk is based on the object 640 “Black eagle” Hunters on the new Oshkosh M-ATV, Nyx on the Wiesel AWC Tankette, and many others. all based of, though slightly modified, from real vehicles. Its cool to see the real life variants ^-^

Wow, I knew some of them had RL counterparts, but now that you say it, makes sense. Yeah, imagine driving one of those babies.

Heres an entire list of the vanilla vehicles, excluding apex (Separate list)

Nice find, its great you can see them all in one place, mighty machines