Image from NAK Tac event April 13th 2019

Video of the event: <LINK_TEXT text=“ …”>;</LINK_TEXT>

Image of the squad: [attachment=1]NAK Tac 041319 Saint Kapaulio 405.jpg[/attachment]
Players L2R: Walker CJ, Brandon.^, Sith, Rollcanda, Lorenzo, Tarl_Desnea, Wave, Castlewoods, Wolfblade, white and Blackwell

Superior Fire Team Citation: Castlewoods, white, Wolfblade, Wave and Blackwell

Achievement of Excellence Award: white and Tarl Desnea

Distinguished Performance Medal: white

Fireteam Leaders: Walker CJ and Castlewoods

Squad Leader: Rollacanda

Video and Zues: VileAce

New to NAKTac: Brandon.^