Image from NAK Tac event August 18th 2018

NAKTAC Open WW2 Event

Video of the Event:
[attachment=1]NAKTAC open 081818 Baranow - 405.jpg[/attachment]
Players L2R: Crater, EWatson, Fox, Eagle, CroationAvocodo, TarlDesnea, Sgt. S Welch, VileAce, mazda, Meister, David Wilson, LBJ, Trigger, JimCarter, socksawire, Aelgalden, Rollacanda, Lorenzo, CR-C Swan, Exilate, HMMW, Medimen, WalkerCJ and sycholic

Squad Lead: Rollacanda

Zues: VileAce and Medimen

good mission and holy crap those tanks kicked our butts