Image from NAK Tac event January 29th 2019

This is one of my favorite events. Great job squad!!!

Video of the Event:

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Image of the Squad: [attachment=1]NAK Tac - 012919 - Pulua 405.jpg[/attachment]
Players L2R: VileAce, white, Novix, Wolfblade, Walker CJ, Rollacanda, LBJ, Tarl Desnea, Bandit [Angel 1], Volcano and Mrsuper

Superior Fire Team Citation: Jim Carter, white, Novix, Wolfblade and REAPER

Achievement of Excellence Award: white, Bandit [Angel 1] and Rollacanda

Distinguished Performance Medal: Rollacanda :mrgreen:

Fireteam Leaders: Jim Carter/ Novix - Blue team, Volcano - Red team

Squad Leader: Rollacanda

Video and Zues: VileAce

It was my first time as Team leader and it was as smooth as it can be.
Great mission and great play from the player base.

PS: that Distinguished Performance Medal went to the right person and totally without threatening :smiley: hahaha
JK he deserved it with that planning of this mission. Great work